Ever jump for joy?


Hello my lovely goddess!


You know what?


Some of you reading this are my friends.

Some are my relatives. (Hi, mom!)

But some of you are just names on my contact list. I can only guess who you are. (You are goddess, that I know, but other than that, I don’t know anything about you. Except your email address.)

I’d like to get acquainted so here’s an invitation for you to send me a “Why hello there!”.

You can send me your photos, send me letters, random notes, hey, even poetry!

(Leave a comment below or write me at indre@hellomygoddess.com  .)


I feel like I’ve got a monologue going here at my blog sometimes.

I wonder who you are, what bores you to tears, what you look like, or what your favorite flavor of ice cream is. (Artisan made dark chocolate with red hot chili peppers is my new fav BTW).


In the meantime, while I wait to hear from you, I took some photos of myself so you could see me better.

OK, I didn’t take the photos myself, as I actually had a professional photograph take them AND had a session of professional make-up.

Whoa, the make-up thing!

Have you ever had professional make-up done?

In my normal life, I am a nearly-no make-up sort of gal so this was a particularly special treat.

To have someone fuss over me so much while I relaxed in a chair with my eyes closed was even better than indulging in two scoops of my favorite ice cream. (Better for my hips anyway.) I told the make-up artist that I wanted a “no-make-up look” and she spent an entire 45 minutes to achieve that.  That’s 90 times longer than I usually spend on my face before going out. (That’s 30 seconds for those who don’t want to do the math).


And the photographer? He’s a professional photographer, now semi-retired, who used to shoot for fashion magazines back in the ’80’s.


Did I mention how lucky I am?


No wonder I couldn’t keep myself from jumping up and down while my photos were being taken!!!


Nothing like feeling like a spontaneous, joyful 6-year-old!



InB-20 (667x1000)

Linen Top HelloMyGoddess

Linen Top HelloMyGoddess

InB-21 (667x1000)

Linen Top HelloMyGoddess

InB-22 (667x1000)



Voilà, here I am, smiles and wrinkles, ripped stained jeans, and all.


Not a professional model but I’m sure having fun pretending to be one!


It’s only fair that I tell you a tiny bit about the clothes I choose to wear that day.


If you don’t my choices, I won’t be offended.

You don’t have to like everything I like.

I merely want to show how fun it is to tell your life story using clothes.

The jeans. Ah, the jeans. Ripped, stained, old. Dripping with history.
I bought them 2nd hand back in the mid ’70’s (no, I am not kidding) and put a few patches on them. Not that they had holes, it’s just that I liked decorating my jeans back then. I wore them constantly during my university days. After graduation,  I went off to live in chic Paris, Milan, and Madrid and did not bring them with me. (Not chic enough for the European cities during the ’80’s, in my opinion.) I re-discovered them in the 90’s when I moved to a tiny coastal town. They fit right into my lifestyle here under the sun and palm trees.
I get tons of stares, compliments, snide remarks, smiles, looks of disgust, you name it.
Ice-breaker? You bet!
And the best part? They STILL fit after 40 years. Yeah, I’m a lucky girl. (I said that already.)

The top?

Another one of my personal favorites.

I designed it, made the pattern, and sewed it  out of 100% linen.

I’ll make one for you, too! Just click HERE to see it in my etsy shop.



There’s also a red/black/beige version that looks beautiful on women with dark hair and/or dark skin.

Click  here to see it.


The necklace?

I’ve nicknamed it the Cleopatra necklace but since I’ve promised to name my necklaces with goddess names, it can’t be Cleopatra. (Unless I cheat).

I wanted to choose the name Isis, the Egyptian goddess of magic and life., only that ISIS now is, unfortunately, associated with the name of an Islamic extremist terrorist group.


Isis is such a beautiful goddess name.


I decided to name her Hathor instead.



Egyptian goddess necklace

Click on the photo to see this necklace in my shop.



Question time!

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

What do your favorite pair of jeans look like?

Should I re-name the necklace Isis?


And if you don’t want to answer any of the questions, no problem.

If nothing else, please say HI!



Love, laughter, and joyful jumps,



P.S. My shoes? Just a old pair of converse sneakers to help me JUMP for joy. 🙂



May Day or Mayday? Musings on feeling confident


Hello my goddess!


How are you today?


As I can’t hear your answer. I hope you are answering that are all is happy and well 🙂


And me? I am feeling wonderful.


Why? (Do we really even need a reason to feel wonderful?)


The merry month of May is my most bestest dazzlingest favoriteist month of all time.


(Spellcheck is telling me that some of those words I used are misspelled. Hellooo, spellcheck: I don’t care what you say. Those words DO exist. They are superkalifragelistics entries in Indre’s Dictionary of Favorite Words.)


There’s something about May that I can’t get enough of.


May starts out with May 1st. (duh…)


Ah, what a day! I really hope you danced your little hearts out and weren’t feeling too many sore muscles after all the prancing around the maypole with flowers in your hair. (Say whaaaaat? No maypole dancing? Oh, so sorry to hear that. How sad. Well, OK, confession time: neither did I. Maybe we’ll have to organize such an event next year; flowing gowns, crowns of flowers, wee faeries, and mighty goddesses included. What do you say? Shall we??!)


May 1st is a double whammy day because not only are you expected to dance around a maypole, you are also expected NOT to work. (Good idea as working & prancing aren’t very good dance partners.)
May 1st is  a worker’s holiday in all of Europe (the equivalent to Labor Day in the US).
Any day that celebrates no-work-and-all-play is a great day, huh?


Then there’s May 2nd.

That is a big holiday in Madrid, Spain. Dos de Mayo. I used to live in Madrid and would get a super big kick out of the fireworks I’d see in the sky on that particular evening. Spaniards are very late night party people. So when they were celebrating on the 2nd, the fireworks would actually go off AFTER midnight. Which means that, in reality, it was the 3rd of May (not the 2nd) when all that colorful Bang-Bang stuff would take place. And why did I get a kick out of that? The 3rd is my birthday (thanks, Mom!!!), so I would take that fireworks celebration very personally. I clearly remember that first year I was in Madrid (turning 22!), standing there watching the fireworks as everyone was ooohing and aahhhhing, and I said to myself, “How cool it that? Madrid is celebrating my birthday!”


May 4th. Yesterday. BEE-Yoo-Tea-Full spring day. What more can we ask for?


May 5th. Today! Cinco de Mayo. Holiday & partying in Mexico! Another colorful fiesta! Never been there for that. I love bright colors coupled with blue skies and warm weather. I think I am putting that on my bucket list right now. Mexico on the 5th of May. Who wants to join me?


Today is also the day I send you something special.


A little surprise for you……….




Here’s a teeny weeny video for you!

“Oh, who cares”,  I hear you say….

Ok, I understand, it is rather a waste of time to watch homemade YouTube videos.
(But what a better way to procrastinate than to watch funny puppy videos!)

This is NOT a Kute Kat video, nor a Funny Puppy video.

It is just me.

(Spoiler alert).

Jut Saying Hi.

youtube one

Click on the image of me waving to watch.


Here is the thing.


It was SCARY for me to do this.


(Think: jumping out of a low flying vehicle, being locked up in a roomful of scorpions, being stranded on an island with no wifi.)


Heck, I don’t even do selfie photos of myself. So a selfie video???? Huh?


But I did it precisely because it was scary.


Here is the thing. (Yeah, I already said that, I know).


It feels SO GOOD to do something that is initially scary.


It moves you, it elates you, it transforms you into a real goddess!


And, that, my dearest goddess, is what this is all about:




Self-confidence is important to feel like a wonderful dazzling fantastic (and self-confident) goddess.


Doing something challenging, going beyond your comfort zone, helps boost your self-confidence.


Do you feel like you need a shot of self-confidence?


If so, I challenge YOU, my dear goddess, to do something a wee bit challenging today. Yes, today.

(Or this week. That’s OK, too.)


It could be something as simple as telling the guy who oh-so-impolitely shoved his way in front of you at the line at the supermarket that heyyou were there first.

Or maybe it could be as complicated as telling your boss that you deserve a raise.

Or telling him/her that today was the last day at work. Ever. (*gulp*)


Whatever. Try it. Please do. It feels WONDERFUL! (Especially after it is all over and those sweaty palms no longer sweat.)

Tell me about your intent at trying to do something scary.
Write about it in the comments below.
(Yeah, I get it, leaving a comment here is a scary challenge, isn’t it?)
I read each and every one of your comments. I love, love, love to get your comments on my blog 🙂

Please share this letter with anyone you know who may  need a boost of self-confidence.


Hi & bye! See you soon!



Indre the Happy Confident Goddess