I love to laugh. ha ha HA ha HA. Do you?

How often do you allow yourself to just have FUN?

To act silly, to giggle, to laugh until your belly hurts?

Pets and little kids can help out with this. And if you don’t have any little kids nor silly pets, nor crazy & wild girlfriends, then what do you do?

Many people complain that they never have time for anything and feel stressed.

Laughing is the answer! It is so healthy for you. First you smile with the widest smile you can then start with a fake laugh. before you know it, you really will be laughing! (This is more fun when you do it with others.)

It only takes a couple of minutes of smiling and laughter to start feeling good about yourself.

Go on, lovely goddess, LAUGH!!!!

(Who cares about wrinkles when you are busy laughing?!)


Love you <3





photo by Rod Westwood