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You are a goddess.


You want to shine.

You want your outer appearance

to reflect your sacred inner beauty.


Only that your life is too hectic

at times to figure out all that clothes,

style, and shining goddess power stuff.


Don’t you wish The Great Style Goddess

could just magically appear at your doorstep

with the perfect outfit to make you look magical?


My name is Indre.

I design & make clothes,
jewelry, and accessories to
inspire YOU to shine!


Come see the sunshine, love, and magic I’ve  created for you.

Click on the beautiful goddess below to SHOP.

statement necklace

Proceeds from your purchase go towards non-for-profit organizations that help abused women.

A few years ago, I visited a local organization in Madrid that helps victims of the sex traffic trade. I was impressed with their work and donated a small portion to help them. Apramp.org

Come see their video here:

Recently, I discovered a project that helps victims of domestic violence by using modern technology. It’s a fascinating project. I am hoping to collaborate with them in the near future. Go read more about it here: chayn

Please don’t hesitate to contact me:

indre [at] hellomygoddess [dot] com

(or use the easy form below)

if you have any questions

about love,

about style,

about fit & sizes,

about goddesses,

or hey, even about flying carpets!