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Are you ready to make your creative work
























What are you are doing November 10th & 11th?

Don’t know?

I do!

I’ll be watching April’s class while it is taking place LIVE in San Francisco at the CreativeLive studio.



  • Because April rocks! I first “met” April on a post over at etsy, talking about marketing for creatives.
    I then clicked to her blog Blacksburg Belle, out of curiosity, and immediately fell in love.
    Her content, her photos, her presentations…it made me want a blog like that myself!
    For a creative junkie like me, who has big problems about marketing myself and my products,
    April’s blog held the answers to many of my doubts.
    Oh, and did I mention?
    Her smile is contagious 🙂


  • I had been toying with the idea of making clothes patterns
    and selling the digital copies for quite awhile now.
    I know how to make clothes patterns on paper
    but was hesitant about how to turn them into digital copies
    (my patterns are BIG!) because of any tech issues
    that either I could encounter AND
    the potential future client may run into while downloading.
    April is sure to cover trouble-shooting! (Right, April? 😉


  • Marketing, marketing, marketing!
    (That may be the MAIN reason I haven’t created digital patterns already….)
    I can never seem to learn enough about this topic
    as my #1 issue is sales.
    I am imagining that April will touch on this also.


  • I watched April’s class on CreativeLive a few months ago on how to
    “Build a Successful Creative Blog”.  It was the first CreativeLive class
    I had watched and it did not disappoint!
    HERE is the link to that one.
    From what I’ve seen already as April as a qualified teacher,
    I know that this class will just as good, if not better!

Here’s a bit about what I’d love to sell:

clothes and accessories sewing patterns.

There are already so many out there on the internet

that I’d like to see how I could stand out from the crowd somehow.

As I develop my confidence on both my marketing and digital skills,
perhaps I could also develop an e-course on pattern-making and sewing tips.

Here’s just a tiny peek into what I’ve made in the past
(everything from the initial sketch, to the pattern, cutting, sewing, styling, and selling).

Wedding dresses, skirts, jackets, dresses, pants, shorts…..

If you can dream of your favorite outfit, I can make the pattern!

















Maybe 2015 will see the start of IV INDRE patterns?




What is the advantage of watching Create Digital Products that Sell While You Sleep live?

You can watch it for FREE!

For those of you who are interested but cannot make it, no problem.

You can download the course, for a fee, and have lifetime access for only $49.

(Be forewarned, if you are not familiar with Creative Live, the prices do go up in the future.)


What about YOU?

Have you always dreamed of creating a digital product?

Join me on Nov. 10 & 11 at April Bowles-Olin’s “Create Digital Products that Sell While You Sleep“!!!!!

Let me know in the comments below what you’d like to create digitally!

*This post is part of the Create Digital Products blog tour.
Just so you know, I am not making any money by talking about April and her Blacksburg Belle blog, nor about CreativeLive.
I sincerely love their content and just wanted to spread the news about these great web places for creatives.


40 thoughts on “Create Digital Products that Sell While You Sleep”

  1. wow.. just landed on your site and I don’t know where to go first, there is so much pretty right here!

    Love your site and this post too.. I also started following April via Etsy and she has inspired me so much. I can’t wait to see your patterns start to emerge after April’s course.

    Love + light

    Charlie x

  2. Patterns would be a great option for your business. How exciting!
    I’ll definitely be tuning in to April’s class. I’ve been following her for awhile now and love her style and content.

  3. I’m sooooooo glad you decided to join the blog tour and write this post. Thank you so very much for all the kind words. Your clothes are beautiful–you’re so talented. I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed that 2015 will the be year for IV INDRE patterns. Heck to the yes!

    1. I am awed that you came by to read my post and leave a comment, April! You don’t know how much I appreciate it 🙂 You really know how to inspire people to do their best in their creative businesses. Yes, I hope to learn a lot in your class AND be motivated to actually get the work done! YES <3

  4. I share your passion for making patterns. I’m dreaming of my favorite dress to make.

    Selling digital patterns would be a hit for sure.

    I took a class on and we used downloadable patterns.
    Loved your post. Looking forward to more.

    1. It does take a while to get “known” and people finding you and your products. I think being on this blogging tour is a step in the right direction! Thanks for stopping by, Renay <3

  5. Your work is beautiful!!!! I have no doubt that this is YOUR year! Thank you for helping to build my excitement for the class in November! I will be right alongside you in the chat area learning from April. The future is bright! Best of luck!

    1. Whoa, Michael, THANK YOU! As someone who has had many issues with self-esteem, what you say means A LOT to me 🙂 Yeah, it will be exciting! Thanks for stopping by, Michael <3 See you in the chat room!

    1. You’ll be there, Sarah, in the studio of CL, won’t you? Can’t wait to see what you’ll be making as a result. You have some AMAZING ideas, as far as I know 🙂 And thank you, Sarah, SO much for your supportive words!

  6. First I am SO jealous that you get to be in San Fran to see it all go down, real time and in the flesh. That rocks! I will be there in spirit, but really just in my home office in my sweat pants:) I am so excited for all of us to learn from April and really pumped to get to know everyone on the blog tour.

    1. Oh, LOL, I won’t be there in the flesh!!! I guess I talked about this with such enthusiasm that you thought I’d be there live! I will be there, like you, in spirit, in the comfort of my living room (although probably dressed my favorite vintage overalls). Thanks for stopping by, Emily <3

  7. Great post, Indre! You’ve such talent and it’s so exciting seeing you grow personally and with your biz! It’s great that you are getting out of your own way and seeing that YOU and what you have to offer is awesome! ♡ “Super” job! 😉

    1. Trish, THANKS a million!!!! <3 Yes, “see” you in the chat room! I am almost as excited as if I were going to be there in person, aren’t you?

  8. Hi Indre,

    Love the name of your blog! Marketing is everything.

    I took a sewing class in college after I *thought* I was going to be a fashion designer. Then after ripping seams for many, many sewing mistakes, I have so much respect for the art of making clothes now.

    Good luck with your pattern making venture. That’s awesome!

    1. Oh, boy, I have gone through MANY seam rippers! I could tell you horror stories of last minute things going wrong, not only with my own clothes but also with clothes made in factories where I’ve worked.
      Thanks for stopping by, Fanny <3

  9. You are a talented lady! The clothes are gorgeous and I think patterns are a superb idea. I’m sure with April’s guidance (and your vision) you’ll be selling them in no time. Wishing you all the best!

    1. Wow, all these compliments from strangers! I am overwhelmed, in a good way! Thanks, Ani, for your words and for stopping by <3

  10. I am so glad I found your blog as part of this tour. Your designs are just beautiful, so I really hope that the pattern making part of your business works out for you.

  11. I really hope that you turn your clothes patterns into digital patterns as I think it’s a wonderful idea. I am looking forward to seeing what April is going to teach us about marketing as well.

  12. Holy Moly! I’d love to see some of your patterns. Your style is Bee You Tea Full!!!

    My mom is an avid quilter now, and has always made clothes for herself, my kids and me when I was little. She made all my special dresses (including my wedding dress AND 6 bridesmaids’ dresses for my wedding), and I will cherish the memories of sitting at Fabricville with her – in the patterns-books section – taking the bodice from this and the train from that and then some added details from the notions aisle.

    It’s such an intimate kind of creativity and is done out of so much love. What you do is so lovely, Indre 🙂

    To answer your question – I’m excited about putting together a workbook series for biz-kittens who want to write well and share their stories in their own voice, BUT I can’t wait to see what you do!


    1. BEE You Tea Full?! Thanks, Kris <3 Never heard it quite that way!

      I made my own wedding dress and my mom’s outfit. My mom was freaking out since I am a “at the very last minute” sort of person! I only had one bridesmaid so she bought anything she wanted for herself.

      I love how you write, Kris, so it’ll be interesting to see what you create 🙂

    1. OK, so if you want to learn how to sew, Amanda, I am thinking that perhaps I should do a beginner’s class with tips & hints, too, in addition to patterns. Thanks for stopping by and your nice words <3

  13. I’m part of April’s blog tour and nice to connect with you. Your products are classy and beautiful. Good luck with the digital pattern design products. I just listened to a podcast (episode 5) on Business of Creatives about a woman who sells digital patterns and designs for party decorations. Maybe it would be inspiring to you as well.

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