5 Replies to “Necklace for a Goddess”

  1. Indre!! Good morning!!! I’m browsing..it’s early for me these days..I will return and forward some email addresses! Seems like you’re having FUN!! I wish you Great Prosperity!!! (The candy wrapper bowl!!!..I want one!!!! I know yours isn’t for sale, but, info? … I’ll be back later. Your JEWELRY is exquisite! My friends will love it! Laima is Lovely! Hope she’s home safe and thinking about school…? (CAN you POST all this???) -Inga

  2. Oh, Inga! THANK you! So nice to see (read!) you. Sign up in that little box on the upper left hand side and you’ll get weekly tidbits about my shop. 😉 Lots of love to you!

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