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Playful dangle earrings
to bring you hope each and every day!

All my jewelry pieces are named after a goddess.
After all, every woman is a goddess ;)))

Eos is the goddess of hope, goddess of the dawn.


Eos was an early riser.



(Not that she relished getting up so incredibly early
but that was her fate:
it wasn’t for her, the whole world would keep on sleeping. )
As soon as her alarm clock rang,
she’d stumble out of bed and
rush to open the gates of heaven.
Her dear brother Helios (the sun God) would then appear,
riding his magnificent chariot across the sky.

Eos brought hope each and every new day.

So there you go! Let Eos shine brightly in your life.

Perhaps some things don’t seem to be going Ok right now but NO prob!

Hope always arrives every single morning, ushering in a bright new day!


I made these earrings using different kinds of turquoise
to represent blue skies, a new day, and smooth sailing ahead!
Maybe your day isn’t going exactly as you’d like.
Perhaps it’s even downright miserable and rainy.
Remember that there’s always hope that tomorrow
the sky will be bright blue and all will be better!!!
I made these using:
♥Sterling silver
♥Swarovsky crystals
The ear wires are unique,
hand made entirely by me using
♥Sterling Silver

♥The earrings measure approximately:
♥3″ (7.5cm) total length
♥including the ear wire.


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