***SOLD***Goddess of New Beginnings Earrings




Liven up your day
with these unusual and elegant earrings!
YOU are a goddess ;))) so why not have your jewelry be named after a goddess?
These earrings are named HERA.

HERA is the goddess of new beginnings.

Perhaps you are already starting a new adventure in life,
or maybe you are praying, wishing, hoping

for something new AND wonderful:
a new a job, a baby, a boyfriend,
a house, a kitten, a million bucks!
These earrings just may bring you the luck you need!
What better signifies “new beginnings” than a seed?
The earrings have real seeds brought back from Brazil.
(No, they won’t sprout.)

To start something new AND exciting in your life,
you’ll have to get rid of some of the old stuff in your life.
It’s holding you back.

(Tough, I know, but it has to be done.)
The oblong dangle parts on the earrings symbolize
the old things that need renewing.
They are hand carved out of Tibetan yak bone.
Yaks are domesticated animals that the Tibetan people own.
Be assured that a big powerful yak was NOT killed just to make jewelry!!!
Tibetans waste absolutely nothing so when the animal dies from natural causes,
the bones are often carved into all sorts of beads.
The Tibetans keep some for themselves and others beads are sold to help make a living.
The bone beads are a reminder for the Tibetans (and us!) about the impermanence of life.
I made these using:
♥Sterling silver
♥Brazilian seeds
♥Tibetan hand carved horn.
The ear wires are unique,
hand made entirely by me using
♥Sterling Silver♥
The earrings are very long but very light weight.
♥They measure approximately:
♥4″ (11 cm) total length including the ear wire.

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