The Dragonfly Goddess Necklace


The Dragonfly Goddess Necklace


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The Dragonfly Goddess Necklace

Every piece of my jewelry has a name.

ODONATA is the name I chose for this particular necklace.

Since the dragonfly is a¬†focal point¬†of this necklace, here’s the story of
how dragonflies came to be.

The Dragonfly was once a Dragon,
with mighty power and inner strength.
And beautiful shiny scales.

This Dragon was able to transform itself into anything at all.
Whenever she wanted, however she wanted.

Darkness was never a problem. It breathed fire and could see in the dark.

One day Coyote was angry and decided to play a dirty trick on Dragon.
Just as Dragon was transforming herself into a new shape,
Coyote used his magical powers and made her into a Dragonfly!


When s Dragonfly enters our lives,
it is time to step out of the darkness,
and bring out our inner shining light .

In Japan dragonflies are symbols of
courage, strength, and happiness.

Wear this,
be happy,
be courageous,
and stay strong!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My name is Indre. I made this necklace and I can guarantee
that there is no other necklace like this in the whole wide world!

(BTW, Odonata is not a real name of a goddess, nor of a human being.
It is actually the scientific order name of a dragonfly.
It sure sounds cool enough to be a real name, though, don’t you think???)

vintage amber,
hill tribe silver,
African trade beads,
Czech glass beads,
sterling silver clasp,
doughnut shaped glass

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