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Hey, my lovely goddess!
Are you *boo-hoo*ing  that this goddess necklace already sold?
Don’t be sad!
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Hey, my lovely goddess!
Are you *boo-hoo*ing  that this goddess necklace already sold?
Don’t be sad!
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♥♥♥V E N U S♥♥

♥G o d d e s s o f L O V E♥
S t a t e m e n t N e c k l a c e

****be loved, give love, receive love, be in love****

I name all my jewelry pieces.
Each is unique and one of a kind,
just like you are.
And YOU have a name, don’t you?
so why shouldn’t your jewelry have a special name? 🙂

This one is named Venus. She is the goddess of love.

Wear this.
Be beautiful.
Be loved.

Also, I have a weak spot for Botticelli’s painting “Birth of Venus”.

Even though this necklace looks nothing like that painting,
I think that Botticelli’s Venus, with her long neck and beautiful curls,
would look stunning with a a statement necklace on.
The day she decides she needs to get dressed, anyway!
(Even if she does look gorgeous naked!)
Read on if you are interested to know about the focal piece I used here:

This type of carving dates back to the 3rd-2nd century BC (that’s 2300 years ago, just imagine!)
It was traditionally carved in China out of jade.
These pendants often had dragons on them, similar to the ones seen here.
They were believed to possess supernatural powers.

Maybe this pendant also possesses supernatural powers??
Materials I used to make this one of a kind necklace:
♥The focal piece is a hand-carved semi-precious stone, most likely of the agate family.
It was brought back from Asia some years ago by an acquaintance.
♥Turquoise (in many shapes and sizes)
♥Dyed turquoise (the lilac-pinkish stones)
♥Bone beads
♥Sterling silver

I paid attention to the fit of this necklace while making it.
Despite its size, it is actually comfortable to wear.

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