How did you feel when your dream came true?

Hello my goddess!


 I decided it was about time I told you the real reason why I start my letters with “Hello my goddess!” yet as I am writing this I am surrounded by pins and needles and cutting shears and bits of linen…


 …………so the last thing on my mind right now is to recount the saga of why I decided to name my new shop Hello My Goddess.


You see, the day after tomorrow I present my summer collection of linen clothes in a fashion show. YIKES! Did I say I was nervous? Well, I wasn’t…. yesterday. Today…oh, you better believe it, I AM!


Gosh, I am still in the process of sewing oodles and oodles of tiny little triangular bits of linen onto a sweet little bustier top.




Let’s pray  it turns out OK as it’ll be part of the grand finale when the bride comes bustling down the runway!


Just when she is out there in all her crowning glory, all twirling about in a majestic linen cape and this (hopefully!) incredible bustier,  the announcer will call out my name so that I go out and wave to the public.


“Hello My Goddess!”,  I’ll shout down to the on-lookers! (No, not really! But I’ll be thinking of you, my dear friends, those of you who  are supporting me from the side-lines and unable to come!)


Ever since I was a prepubescent preteen, I’d been fantasizing about designing for a fashion show……and, whaddya know, only about 4 decades later, this Friday, June 6th, will be the 3rd time I get to fulfill that dream. Yay!


Have you ever wanted to be an actress ….and finally landing the leading role in The Ice Queen?


Have you ever dreamed of playing the lead guitar in a rock & roll band….and just landed 5 gigs to play live in London?


Have you ever dreamed of going to Europe …and all of a sudden you find yourself with a croissant and a café au lait, in a cute little patisserie around the corner from Notre Dame?


Have you ever fantasized about living in a clean house…and all of a sudden your teen volunteers to vacuum the living room? (I wish! Dream on, girl!)


Yes, Dorothy, believe it or not, dreams (sometimes) really DO come true!


How did you feel when your dream came true? I am curious to know!

Everyone else is, too!

Please share your story down below in the comments 😉


And see you next time…

…with the true meaning of Hello My Goddess !


Right now I really gotta hurry on back to my ol’ faithful Singer and get this bridal outfit finished!