Great news! Macy’s (CHIME FOR CHANGE) just donated $14,584.00 to the non-for-profit org APRAMP that helps victims of human trafficking. Most victims are young girls and women, from 14 to 25 years old.
WeavingAFuture APRAMP helps the women reintegrate into society, access the labor market, and become self-reliant.
APRAMP had been trying to raise $14,880 via
to buy sewing machines and teach the women weaving skills.
The deadline for raising this money was fast approaching and they were still more than $14.500 short……. when a miracle happened TODAY!
Macy’s (CHIME FOR CHANGE) stepped up to donate the difference!!!
The reason I am personally excited is because I have been in contact with APRAMP and am planning a major sewing project with  them.
I am planning something beautiful to offer you here at HelloMyGoddess!
It is still a secret. YOU WILL KNOW  in due time! 🙂
Reading about bombs in the Middle East, passenger airplanes being shot down, too many innocent people being killed….it makes one start to lose hope in humanity…
Then, all of a sudden, you read news like this and you KNOW there is still hope to make the world a more beautiful place!
THANK YOU Macy’s & CLIMATE for CHANGE !!!!!!!