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ruby with statement necklace
ruby with statement necklace

Why exactly “Hello My Goddess” ?

A very long time ago, in a place far from here,

a little viking princess fell in love with her knight in shining armor.

The princess did 53 cartwheels out of sheer excitement

when the wedding was announced.

Ten years was a long time to be boy-knight-friend & girl-princess-friend.

The couple decided it was about time to populate the world

with miniature versions of themselves.

Marriage was logically the next step in their fairy tale world.

At long last, that special aisle-walking day came…….

………..and went.

The little viking princess bride moved in with her striking shiny knight and they lived happily ever.


Mr. Knight yelled and yelled and yelled.

Mrs. Princess cried and cried and cried.

A baby was born. A prince!

The baby prince didn’t yell.

But, boy, did he cry!

And so, the princess cried along with him.

Baby # 2 came along. A little princess!

And so the original princess lost her place of honor

and was relegated to the role of chimney sweeper. And diaper changer.

And 3 a.m. night-shift nurse. And music-class-gymnastics-team-after-school-activities-chauffeur.

And cleaning lady. And smelly socks washer…..

[You get the picture.]

The chimney-sweeper-former-princess was overwhelmed.

Two precious babies and oh my, how they cried!

She hugged them daily and noticed that it helped her own crying go away.

Yet with all that embracing, one big question obsessed her daily:

“Why did Mr. Knight yell at me so much? ”

Is it something I SAID? ”, she wondered.

So she stopped talking.

After all, he DID tell her that she said stupid things.

Is it the way I laugh? ”, she wondered.

After all, he DID say that she had an obnoxious laugh.

So she stopped laughing.

Is it the way I dress? ” she wondered.

After all, he DID say that those shoes didn’t match that dress and how ever did he expect him to go out with her if she was going to wear that.

So she stopped dressing.

(NO, she did NOT go naked! Mr. Knight often called her “fat ass” and “cow”, interspersed with “clumsy” and “klutz”. So Mrs. Chimney-Sweeper-No-Longer-Princess tried to dress in a way that would play down her adorable bubble butt. )

Mrs. Kitchen-Mopper-No-Longer-Princess came to the conclusion that she was, oh, so weak because she didn’t know how to deal with so much yelling.

After all, Mr. Shining Armor DID constantly say,

“You are too sensitive!
The problem is that you need to hear things delivered on a silver platter! Well, have I got news for you. You are just a spoiled brat and you don’t even realize it!”

Mrs. No-Longer-Princess fell into a depression.
That lasted for quite some time.

But as with all fairy tales, this one has a happy ending.

One fine day, the ex-princess WOKE UP.

“A-HA! I’ve found it!
Here is the answer to the question that has been obsessing me all these years!”

It was right there in front of her.

Staring her squarely from the computer screen:

“You’ve always had the power.

It’s just that you gave it away.”

HUH? Was that REALLY it?

Yep. That was it.


Power Realization # 1:

“It’s not ME! It’s HIM! HE is the one with the problems. He thinks that he can blame me for everything that is wrong in his world.”

Power Realization # 2:

“I am NOT weak!
Hell, no, I am one of the strongest woman alive to have tolerated so may years of anger!”

Power Realization # 3:

“I CAN make it on my own!
At the very least, I will NOT end up begging in the gutter as Mr. Soon-To-Be-Ex-Knight has often threatened me!”

Power Realization # 4:

“I AM a goddess!
I’ve been strong, and beautiful, and powerful all along! It’s just that those qualities were buried so deep that I didn’t even know it.”

Power Realization # 5:

“Not only am I a goddess
but ALL women are goddesses!”

Power Realization # 6:

“Many Goddesses-In-Hiding do not know their true power.
I know how horrible this feels.
I really want to help them someday!”

Power Realization # 7:

“Yes! I CAN do it!!!”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

And so, the idea of Goddess was born.

I’m starting this new e-commerce adventure

because I want to help all the goddesses out there:

By employing down-on-their-luck goddesses.

By donating to organizations that help goddesses.

By selling artisan goddesses’ lovely creations.

I want to help ALL these lovely goddesses make a living

while infusing YOUR life with meaningful and beautiful objects.

And, in case you have any doubts, yes, that little viking princess was me.

In my new life, I blab A LOT!

And I laugh A LOT!

And I dress any old darn way I feel like it!

And I rarely dust the house, nor mop the floor anymore……..

Too many other beautiful things to do!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Why are YOU a goddess???

Just because.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Why the “my” in Hello My Goddess?

Have you ever noticed that when you really love someone you address them with the possessive word “my”?

Who hasn’t ever uttered words like these while talking to a loved one:

“How is my cut little doggy-woggy today? Want to go out for a walk?”

Why the “hello” in Hello My Goddess?

“Hello” is a symbol of recognition. I acknowledge your presence.

 Everyone needs to be acknowledged.

Everyone needs love.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Hello My Goddess!

I welcome you to my world.

Which is also YOUR world.

Which is really OUR WORLD!

Would you like to join our power revolution?

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By sharing, we can help support each other and regain our power!

[BTW, my ex really DID call me “viking” and “princess” almost daily while dating.
I didn’t just make that up. Neither did I make up the rest of the fairy tale.
It’s just that I found it less painful to tell my story in 3rd person.
It has been a rather daunting experience to put this in black and white and hit the Publish button.]