Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise

Click on the words above for a window into a magical world.

This video enchanted me so much that I just had to share.

I sent it to my brother over the week-end.

When we were kids, (pre-home computer days), we’d call him a walking encyclopedia. Nowadays, even with wikipedia at everyone’s fingertips, my favorite Mr. Smarty Pants brother still seems to know everything about anything (even without having to resort to google, like most of us mortals).

Here’s what he wrote to me after watching the video:

“I don’t know if you’d heard this, but the current favorite evolutionary theory is that it is so easy to survive there [New Guinea], to get food, that the birds can afford to put all of their time and energy into fashion.  The idea is that if you are spending all of your time trying to survive, you won’t have energy left to look good, and so that is not a selected trait. “


Did he just say, “…time and energy go into fashion.”??

As a life-long lover of fashion, design, and beauty, this made me giggle with delight 🙂


Because of the marches all over the world yesterday to protect climate change, it is good to see nature documentaries like the one above to remind ourselves of the wonderful creatures that inhabit our earth.

We humans have already provoked the extinction of countless species, isn’t it time we did something about it?