But you don’t WANT to feel sad

School has started.

Summer was so sweet .

And now it’s gone.

The work load is exploding.

You feel the panic coming on.









And the sadness.


So come. Embrace your sadness.




But you don’t WANT to feel sad.


Even if you’re not up to feeling cheerful, either.



OK, so what DO you do, when all you really feel like doing is
curling up on the sofa with a box of hankies,
with your grey sweats on (the kinda not so clean ones),
your bed head hair (the authentic kind, not the glossy Vogue editorial kind),
with a bowl (uh, make that a carton) of triple chocolate chunk chip & cream delight ice cream!!???




Go to a quiet room.

(Even popping into the bathroom for 5 minutes could do the trick if you live in a noisy house.)


Sit comfortably.

Close your eyes.

Take a deep breathe in through your nose.

Let go with a sigh.


Now envision your sadness as a teeny, tiny, helpless baby.

The baby is crying, ” WAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!”


She is all alone.

In a crib.

In a room.


You hear her crying.


So you rush to her room,

go to her side,

and pick her up gently in your arms.


You notice a beautiful antique rocking chair in the corner of the room.


With the lovely baby in your arms, you sit down in the rocking chair.


Ever so gently, you being to rock.

You soothe the baby in your arms,

“Honey baby. I’m here. It’s OK. You’re in my arms now. It’s OK. It’s OK.”, you whisper lovingly in her ear.


She kicks.

She screams.

She cries.

You let her.


You keep on whispering, “ It’s OK, I’m here. It’s OK. I love you, my baby, it’s OK. ”


You continue gently rocking her in your arms.


Her crying begins to subside.


And it stops.


She falls asleep out of sheer exhaustion.


You feel her heavy little body in your arms

and feel her heavy breathing.

You know she won’t awake now.


You carry her to her crib, lay her gently down.


You look down at her gentle face one more time and think to yourself,

“I love you, honey baby. It’s all over now. You’re OK now. Sleep.”



And you go out of the room. (No need to tip-toe, she is soundly and safely asleep).

You shut the door behind you.


You can still feel the warmth in your arms and your chest where the baby was in your arms just moments ago.


Take a deep breather in through your nose.

Let go with a sigh.

Open your eyes.








What we are doing here is acknowledge the sadness within. Yes, it is there. It is real.
You don’t need to push the sadness away. It will just come out as an ache, a pain, a gnawing ache, perhaps an illness.
Acknowledge it’s presence within you. Don’t allow others  (nor yourself!) to tell you, “Get over it. Don’t feel  that way.”

Be with your sadness, but remember, always remember:

She is just a little BABY.

She does not rule you. She may WANT to rule you.

But don’t let her.

You may feel the temptation to feed her.

But don’t.

She’s a special baby.
She doesn’t need to be fed.


YOU are the mommy in charge.


You are the goddess.


Do not hand over your power to the mere infant.

She is there. Yes. And lives within you.

And when you are happy, she’s fast asleep.

Yet when she wakes up and cries, don’t ignore her. Go to her. Hug her. Soothe her.

Be with her for a moment. But just a moment.

Love her but don’t let her rule your world.



“The more you hide your feelings, the more they show. The more you deny your feelings, the more they grow.

                                                                 – unknown




How are YOU feeling right now?

Happy? Sad?

Let us know! Leave your thoughts  in the box below.