The Light Within

Eons ago, in a life surrounded by anger and depression, I blamed other people and other circumstances for the way I felt.

Then one day *BANG*, I woke up and discovered that we have a choice, I have a choice, you have a choice: to be angry, to be sad, to be happy, to be content, regardless of the people and things around you in that moment.

This was pre-internet days when this kind of info was rather scarce. Amazon and it’s self-help books existed but I lived in a teeny town far, far away where shipping prices deterred any purchases.

It must have been the universe that whispered this knowledge in my ears, at a moment I was ready to hear it.

About the same time, I realized that the sun is always shining within ourselves. We are the sun, I am the sun, you are the sun. ALWAYS. It’s just that we sometimes don’t see the sun within: there are clouds in the way (depression); there’s a storm on the horizon (on-going drama& arguments with others; there’s smog from pollution (angry thoughts)….

Sometimes I forget that the sun is always shining within. And get angry, get sad, beat myself up…

Then when I set aside the time go out in nature, go to an art exhibit, listen to creative music, spend time with special friends: voilà, that sun comes out and shines.

The hard part is to realize that the sun is ALWAYS there, even without the art, music, nature, friendship.


Can you see the sun within?

Are chocolate bunnies and the Virgin Mary related?





Hello my goddess!

Happy Easter!

(OK, I realize that Easter is over in just a couple of hours but I really wanted to take some photos this morning before sending this letter out to you!)


Did you celebrate Easter with baskets of painted eggs and chocolate Easter Bunnies?


I didn’t.


My Easter this year  in Spain was sadly Chocolate Bunnyless.

Painted eggs? Not a single one in sight.

(Not that I don’t like chocolate. Nor do I have anything personal against bunnies. Nor eggs, for that matter.)


What did I do?



I walked up the big hill to the tiny pueblo to watch the Semana Santa*  processions.

Thursday night at midnight there was a procession.

Friday morning at noon there was a procession.

Friday night at midnight there was a procession.


Nothing. Nada. No parades.

(Jesus finally got to take a day off from all this exhausting parading around. Must have been those labor unions. Finally allowing Jesus a day off!  It was a rough night for him on Thursday, lugging that heavy cross for miles on end without stop. By Friday he was in great pain. Good thing he got that one day of rest in between. Maybe Jesus even got a chance  to hang out at the beach like all the other young adults his age around here during Spring Break.)


Sunday. (Today!) Jesus was out there in the procession again at noon. This time he had finally risen from the dead and got to parade around standing up.


(Note to my American friends: When I use the word “parade”,  you might have images of floats and  beauty queens waving left and right.
These holy week processions have nothing to do with that.)


If you are confused, let’s back up and allow me to add some background info here.

Spain is traditionally a Catholic country.

The religious holidays (Easter, in this case) are serious stuff.

Statues of Jesus and the Virgin Mary are taken out of the church during Holy Week and paraded all around the tiny village streets for all to see. This is done all over Spain, not just in my crazy little town.  You also have the option to watch the processions live on TV if you prefer not to venture beyond the living room sofa.

In our tiny town, you actually get to walk together with the entire procession, not just hang out on the sidelines like a lame bystander. Marching next to statues of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary while having processional music blasting in your ears is incredibly moving. The music is often quite somber and eerie. I never fail to get a huge lump in my throat every year while marching along with the statues and the musicians.


Right. So with all this parading around, I had an A-HA moment this week.

Aren’t the Virgin Mary and the great Mother goddess related?


(Have I gone bonkers? Perhaps…)


So here’s the theory:


The Virgin Mary is really just a transformation of the Great Earth Goddess.



I started thinking about the similarities between the Virgin Mary and the ancient Mother Goddess.

Statues of the The Great Earth Goddess were found about 24,000 – 22,000 BC.

(Did you just read that? Twenty four THOUSAND! That was not a typo.)

The great mother goddess was worshiped for years and years and years and years.

And years and years and years before that. (Can you even imagine 24,000 years? I certainly can’t.)

And one fine day in very recent history, Christianity comes along and tries to banish worship of the great earth goddess. Actually, Christianity was not able to stamp out the veneration of the great mother goddess. I’m supposing that the great ancient goddess morphed into the Virgin Mary.

Basically a classic case of “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

Don’t you think?

I’ve actually been to these procession many times over the course of about 10  years but only this morning did it occur to me that the MOTHER of Christ is truly important, alongside Jesus. The Virgin Mary is in every single procession along with Jesus. Yet isn’t Easter supposed to be all about Jesus and how he died for our sins? Jesus is definitely the protagonist here yet there is not a single Catholic church in the world (that I know of!) where the Virgin Mary isn’t displayed as prominently as her son.  All this also got me to wondering, “What ever happened to the father of Christ?” The last time Joseph is seen, Jesus is 12 years old. Most people seem to agree that Joseph probably died sometime after that, even if there is not direct mention of his death. Funny how Joseph is almost non-existent beyond the Bethlehem scene during Christmas,  whereas the Virgin Mary, the mother figure, is so prominent in Christian rites, traditions, and the arts. She is a secondary figure, yep, ’tis true, yet no one can deny her omnipresence. Doesn’t it only make sense that she would have morphed from the Great Earth Goddess of ancient times?



*Semana Santa literally means “Holy Week”.  In other latitudes, it’s known as Easter or Spring Break


Here are the photos from this morning. Enjoy!

Semana Santa in southern Spain


Semana Santa in southern Spain


Virgin Mary Semana Santa in southern Spain


Semana Santa in southern Spain


Semana Santa in southern Spain



Semana Santa in southern Spain

Semana Santa in southern Spain


Semana Santa in southern Spain

Semana Santa in southern Spain


Semana Santa in southern Spain


Semana Santa in southern Spain



Semana Santa in southern Spain

What did YOU do today? Eat too many bunnies? Do you think the Great Goddess and the Virgin Mary are related? What about chocolate bunnies and goddesses? Please share your bunny story in the comments below!

Let’s share the sunlight, OK?

Hello my lovely goddess!

The sun is streaming through my window today
and I am reminded how grateful I am to be living in such a sunny warm place!
I realize that not all of you are so lucky, at least not as far as weather goes.
Never mind, spring will come to your part of the world (sooner or later…)

Even though the sun mostly shines in southern Spain,
life does have its moments of darkness around here.

I was quite abruptly reminded of  the reason I choose  “Hello My Goddess” as the name of my lifestyle brand.


Yesterday Mr. Ex Hubbie stopped by my studio unannounced.
He decided that last night was the moment to blame me for being distant to him.
And to blame me for treating him poorly.
And to blame me for taking advantage of him.
And to raise his voice.
And. And. And.

“Walk away!”, I hear  you telling me. “Don’t listen to him!”

Easier said than done.

He was standing in the doorway.  I was finishing up sewing a pair of linen trousers
for a woman in Oslo, Norway when Mr. Ex arrived.
(He did knock first before opening the door, I grant him that.)
He knows that I am alone while in the studio. He knows that my studio
has only one door and one tiny window. 
When he started to raise his voice
more than was comfortable for me, I grabbed the broom out of a corner
and started to sweep.

Trying to get rid of dirt? 

Sweeping out the bad vibes?

hmmmmm, perhaps….


Why am I telling you this???

Because I want to tell you again and again and again
the reason why I choose the name Hello My Goddess.
I thought it awfully corny to choose the word “goddess”
when it came to me during an A-HA moment about 4 years ago.
Yet I couldn’t deny it. “Goddess” was the only word that so succinctly
summed up the two words WOMAN & POWER.
And I was in search of some badly needed power.

We women need to stand up for one another.
Support one another. Cheer each other on. Hold each other.
Hug each other. Yell out “Bravo!” at the top of our lungs when we succeed.
Give consoling words when when we are feeling down. Help each other.
Stand tall. Take sh** from nobody.
And show our power.
Our loving goddess power.


After Mr. Ex’s departure, I went up to my bedroom,
sat down on my favorite cushion, turned off the lights, and breathed.
After 10 minutes, my heart was not beating so rapidly. I was grateful it was over,
grateful to be divorced, grateful to be able to talk about this openly.
I am incredibly grateful that I learned a heck of a lot since 1980
when I first met and fell in love with this particular man.
Yet after all these years, he is still able to induce fear in me,
if only for a minute.

I just wanted to tell you something, no matter how awkwardly feminist and corny it sounds.
It doesn’t matter how tall you are, how short you are, how young, how old,  how whatever.
You are beautiful and you are wonderful just the way you are.
The sun may or may not be shining right this very minute
in your geographical location, yet please remember that the sun is always in your heart and in your soul.


My goddess, remember that YOU are a goddess!

(I tell you this because I also need to remind myself, too.)


Changing topics, and onto much lighter things,
I  wanted to let you know that I shall be re-vamping my
HelloMyGoddess lifestyle website during the next few months.

In the meantime, I’ve placed many of my creations into my etsy shop.
Please come and browse around my etsy HelloMyGoddess shop HERE.


While you are still on this page, please share your insights  in the comment section below.

Do you feel trodden on by a boss, by a close family member, by a neighbor?

Vent it out!

(Remember you can keep your comment anonymous if that feels better for you).

How do you deal with the situation?
We are here to listen and support one another.

Love and (sun)light,



Goddess is just a word

goddess word

                                                                                                                                                                                             –SUE MONK KIDD

Sue Monk Kidd is a writer and is best known for her novelThe Secret Life of Bees.

Any goddesses in the house?

Ever notice how you buy a red car and you then see that EVERYONE has a red car?


Or you are pregnant and all of a sudden every other woman you see has a belly bump?


After I decided to use the word GODDESS as part of my internet identity, I started to notice Goddesses all around me.

How could I resist the temptation to click/write/meet/connect to other virtual Goddesses?


I ran into the word Goddess on Kickstarter  quite by chance recently.

Here’s what it was:

The Goddess Project

It turned out to be two women traveling the US,  filming and interviewing women  from all walks of life.

In their words, The Goddess Project is a “feature-length documentary made by two girls who traveled 10,000 miles across America,
interviewing incredible everyday women about their paths to self-discovery.”

There was no question about donating to that project! Holli and Sara were fortunate to get their idea fully funded.

Because of my teeny donation, here’s what I got in the mail from them the other day:

The Goddess Project The Goddess Project The Goddess Project The Goddess Project


Take a look at Holli’s and Sara’s project.

The Goddess Project

I think you’ll like it!


Imagine you are a Greek goddess….

Imagine you are a Greek goddess….

…..or perhaps a Pre-Rafaelite beauty…

…are you ready?


Sit back…click the turquoise magic link below…and enjoy!


The making of a magical lyre



Are you as enchanted as I am????

Let me know what you think in the comments below!


 *The painting  is The Lady of Shalott by John William Waterhouse, 1888