Green ice cream, anyone?

August. HOT.
No A/C.
Green ice cream, anyone?

I love to read recipes but I rarely follow them.
You can make this by eye, like I did.
Strange color? YES!
You’ll be amazed how delicious it is!
Do I need to say it’s healthy, too?

green smoothie ice cream













START preparing at least day ahead.


***1-1/2 cups raw spinach (buy the fresh leaves and pop the bag in the freezer at least the day before)
***2 ripe bananas (peel & cut into chunks. pop them into a freezer bag at least the day before)
***your choice of almond milk, rice milk, oatmeal milk, coconut milk
***optional sweetener: 1 TBSP maple syrup -or- 4 dates -or- 4 prunes

Put the frozen raw spinach in the blender. Add the liquid of your choice, to cover, this will probably be about 1  cup. When it’s smooth, add the frozen bananas,  more liquid, and any optional sweeteners. Blend until smooth. Spoon into bowl or mason jar. Eat with a spoon or drink it with a straw like a smoothie.

You can also use frozen mango, frozen pineapple, frozen apple, frozen pear….Cut the fruit into bite-sized chunks and put it into a freezer bag at least a day before. Use your favorite fruit or a combo.  Experiment & have fun!

Bon apétit!

Thanks to Simple Green Smoothies for the inspiration 😉