Pants that fit you – EVERY TIME

Let’s face it.


Skinny jeans look good on about 2.999% of the world’s population.

(My 19-year-old daughter being one of the chosen few).


What about the rest of us?

Those of us who do not belong to the 2.999%?

(OK, OK, I admit… many of us DO love AND look good in skinny jeans!)


Those of us who have the health of a 30-year-old and the wisdom of a 300-year-old;

what kind of pants make us look good???


We’re the ones who make decisions.

We’re the ones who have the power.





We are the ones who wear pants that that reflect our hopes, dreams, and wishes.

We are the ones who wear pants that that show our style.



IvF-14 (1333x2000)


“These are gorgeous pants made with great care and beautifully styled. I can’t wait to wear them. Thank you so very very much. I love the style and it’s not an easy one to find!”



We are the ones who wear pants that look good if we wear size LARGE.

We are the ones who wear pants that look good if we wear size SMALL.

We are the ones who wear pants that look good if we wear size XX-LARGE.

We are the ones who wear pants that look good if we wear size WHATEVER.



Here’s what the French ladies (oh là là!) have to say:

“Je suis ravie de cette première commande, quel plaisir d’avoir un vêtement sur mesure, parfaitement coupé ! Très grand talent et professionnalisme de la créatrice, qui par ailleurs est tout à fait adorable … Un grand merci et à très vite pour une prochaine commmande.”

(“I am delighted with this first order, what a pleasure to have a customized garment, perfectly cut! Great talent and professionalism of the designer, who also is quite lovely … A big thank you and see you soon for a future order.”)


“J’ai reçu le pantalon, il est parfait et me va très bien.”

(“I received the pants, they are perfect and fit me very well.”)


“Très beau pantalon, très belle qualité, fait sur mesure. La livraison a été rapide. Je recommande. Une expérience très positive! “

(“Very nice pants, very good quality, custom made. The delivery was fast. I recommend this. A very positive experience!”)


“Je suis satisfaite de ce pantalon, belle finition merci”

(“I’m happy with these pants, nicely finished. thank you”)





high waist wide leg linen pants and matching cape

Go on, wear the pants. Make the decisions.

Believe in yourself, you lovely goddess.

Show the world your power with style!


Buy the pants that fit. 




Win this One-of-a-Kind Clutch!

Why am I doing this?
Just because I am grateful that you’re here reading this!

The winner will be announced on July 31st.

What do you have to do to participate?

If you got this letter from a friend, then here is what to do:

Click here to go the homepage & sign up.
Make sure to scroll down to see the box where to enter your name and email!

If you are already receiving  letters from me, you don’t have to do anything.
You are already entered to win.

About the clutch:

I made it.
What inspired me was the fabric.
I had a small remnant of a brocade fabric
that I bought from a small fabric manufacturer in France a few years ago.
Despite being made in France, the fabric made me feel like I was in Kyoto just looking at it!

I am in love with traditional Japanese culture.
I’ve never been to Japan and I don’t even know any Japanese people.
Yet their sense of design enchants me.

Kimonos,  ikebana (art of flower arrangement), sushi, zen gardens…

The words that immediately jump to mind when I think of Japanese design are:


This clutch isn’t a masterpiece of Japanese design (after all, I am not Japanese!) but it is elegant and timeless.


Here you can see the front part of the clutch and the brocade fabric.

IV Indre brocade clutch



I added two “flowers” to the zipper pull, making it both practical for zipping open
and to add an exotic touch. 🙂

IV INDRE Brocade clutch detail


IV INDRE Brocade clutch


The inside has orange and fuchsia satin.

IV INDRE Brocade clutch

The back is simple, all in black, so as to keep the overall design understated & elegant.
This fabric is 100% linen, made in Barcelona.
It can also be worn with the black side looking out.

IV INDRE Brocade clutch

Made with lots of LOVE 🙂

I realize that evening bags are often just worn once and then stashed away in closets and forgotten. What a pity that would be if that happened to this bag. 🙁

So it occurred to me that when you travel, this bag could be the ideal place to store your undies & socks so they wouldn’t get all jumbled in your suitcase. And you’d have that evening bag ready, just in case you got invited out to that chic little bistro on the Seine…..
You just never know!

Do you like this bag?
Did you like the story behind it?

Invite your friends to join the give-away!


For each friend you invite,
you will receive an additional chance to win.

How do I know who your friends are, so you’d qualify for more entries?

Have them leave your name in the comment section below,
so I know who gets extra entries.

Thanks for participating!

Good luck to all of you!

The winner will be notified personally by email and also announced July 31st
on my blog
and on Facebook over at

Share this with your friends!

Don’t forget to remind them
to add your name in the comment box below so that
I know how many entries you have!

Talk next week!



P.S. If you love to read, here’s a dreamy & enchanting & romantic novel I read recently.
The protagonist?  The Japanese garden!!!

The Garden of Evening Mists  Tan Twan Eng.

Cover of The Garden of Evening Mists by Tan Twan Eng

BEACH = sea shells

mermaid seashell spoonsIt’s July!

Off to the beach!

YAAAAY!!  I LOVE the beach.

Actually, I am lucky because I do not have to wait until July to go to the beach.  I merely have to put on my shoes or sandals, and in  10 minutes flat (walking, not by car!) I am on the shores of the Mediterranean.

I never sunbathe. Boooooooooring!

Instead, I swim. Or  I walk. Occasionally I  run.

What I always do, no matter what,  is pick up the little treasures I see at my feet:
seashells, pebbles, stones, twigs, sea urchin shells, sea glass……….


Sometimes I  carry the little jewels in my hand for awhile, and then end up throwing  them  back into the sea.

Other times I cannot resist the temptation of taking the treasure home.
The big ones are doorstops and paperweights, the tiny ones get made  into jewelry or mini shelf art pieces that you can get here.



I ran across an idea in Sweet Paul  magazine* about converting seashells = spoons.
Oh,  I HAD to try that!

Here’s a handful of shells that I picked especially for the project:


I won’t give you instructions how to make these spoons.

If you are artsy fartsy, like me, you can figure out it out by just looking at the photos.

If you are not a confident DIY-er, then here’s what you need:

***an assortment of seashells

***different thicknesses of wire (you can get some at the hardware store or at a craft shop)

***pliers (to help bend the thicker wires. any old pair will do)

***a hammer & nail (to punch a hole in the shell, you place the nail in inner part of the shell. With one quick blow, you’ll make a hole. Careful for your fingers! Be forewarned that some shells will break this way 🙁 Be sure to have lots of extras!)

It was a bit fiddly to make the first one. I was ready to give up.
I ventured to make another a week later.  That’s when I got  hooked and made 4 in one go.

So now I have 5 of these sweet mermaid spoons.

Where to use them?

In the salt jar? hmmm, maybe not. I already have a cute wooden spoon there.

In the sugar bowl? YES! Good idea!

My mom made this sugar bowl  eons years ago.
(OK , I know, I know. White sugar is a “no-no” nowadays but I have the stuff around the house for a few of my friends who need the so-called-white-poison in their coffee or tea).


Anyone for some blackberry jelly &  freshly baked whole wheat bread & a cup of tea??? mmmmmm


This isn’t a story. So it doesn’t need an ending.
But just in case here are the 3 morals:

·Observe the tiny things in life. (seashells, smiles,  butterflies, free hugs)

·Nothing is perfect. Yet everything is perfect in it’s imperfection. (each seashell is uneven in shape, size and color. like my teeth. like my body. like my new website. )

·Enjoy the process. Savor the journey. Sure, the outcome is  important but if you don’t pay attention to the ride, you’re missing out. (making the seashell spoons was just as fun as seeing the end result. life rushes past too quickly. take each day one at a time. and don’t forget to smell the flowers. you don’t know if they’ll be around tomorrow.)

*Original seashell spoon idea seen on

How did you feel when your dream came true?

Hello my goddess!


 I decided it was about time I told you the real reason why I start my letters with “Hello my goddess!” yet as I am writing this I am surrounded by pins and needles and cutting shears and bits of linen…


 …………so the last thing on my mind right now is to recount the saga of why I decided to name my new shop Hello My Goddess.


You see, the day after tomorrow I present my summer collection of linen clothes in a fashion show. YIKES! Did I say I was nervous? Well, I wasn’t…. yesterday. Today…oh, you better believe it, I AM!


Gosh, I am still in the process of sewing oodles and oodles of tiny little triangular bits of linen onto a sweet little bustier top.




Let’s pray  it turns out OK as it’ll be part of the grand finale when the bride comes bustling down the runway!


Just when she is out there in all her crowning glory, all twirling about in a majestic linen cape and this (hopefully!) incredible bustier,  the announcer will call out my name so that I go out and wave to the public.


“Hello My Goddess!”,  I’ll shout down to the on-lookers! (No, not really! But I’ll be thinking of you, my dear friends, those of you who  are supporting me from the side-lines and unable to come!)


Ever since I was a prepubescent preteen, I’d been fantasizing about designing for a fashion show……and, whaddya know, only about 4 decades later, this Friday, June 6th, will be the 3rd time I get to fulfill that dream. Yay!


Have you ever wanted to be an actress ….and finally landing the leading role in The Ice Queen?


Have you ever dreamed of playing the lead guitar in a rock & roll band….and just landed 5 gigs to play live in London?


Have you ever dreamed of going to Europe …and all of a sudden you find yourself with a croissant and a café au lait, in a cute little patisserie around the corner from Notre Dame?


Have you ever fantasized about living in a clean house…and all of a sudden your teen volunteers to vacuum the living room? (I wish! Dream on, girl!)


Yes, Dorothy, believe it or not, dreams (sometimes) really DO come true!


How did you feel when your dream came true? I am curious to know!

Everyone else is, too!

Please share your story down below in the comments 😉


And see you next time…

…with the true meaning of Hello My Goddess !


Right now I really gotta hurry on back to my ol’ faithful Singer and get this bridal outfit finished!

“Without the past to cast its long shadow, might you see the future more clearly?”  ― Diane Setterfield
“Without the past to cast its long shadow, might you see the future more clearly?”
― Diane Setterfield

Do you care about others?

Do you care about our planet?

Do you love to be surrounded by meaningful things?

With so much junk & cheap stuff out there already,

I asked myself, “Do I really want to add to our throw-out culture  and  to the growing

mountain of rubbish?”

My answer was a loud “NO!”

“Yet meaningful & beautiful  items are NOT junk!”, I realized.

So I went on an inspiring treasure hunt.

I’ve decided to put together under one virtual roof

the most wonderful and meaningful objects I could find.

When curating, I asked myself,

“Does this artisan create beauty?”

“Does she care about others?”

“Does she care about our lovely planet?”

I challenge you to ask yourself the following:

Do you know who made your coffee cup?

Do you know by name the person who wove your bath towel?

And the pants you are wearing?

Who made them?

I don’t mean the obvious brand name,

I mean, who actually sewed them?

Do you even care?

Don’t you think that life would have more meaning

for ALL of US if ALL of US cared?

Is there anything you do in your daily life that helps the planet?

Or helps your community to flourish?

Don’t be shy and please leave your comments below.

Together let’s make the world a more beautiful place!

Join the conversation with a vibrant community of people like you.

Don’t forget to leave your name and e-mail in the box to your right

so I can let you know when new discussions are brewing.

Thanks so much for reading and joining in!