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What are you are doing November 10th & 11th?

Don’t know?

I do!

I’ll be watching April’s class while it is taking place LIVE in San Francisco at the CreativeLive studio.



  • Because April rocks! I first “met” April on a post over at etsy, talking about marketing for creatives.
    I then clicked to her blog Blacksburg Belle, out of curiosity, and immediately fell in love.
    Her content, her photos, her presentations…it made me want a blog like that myself!
    For a creative junkie like me, who has big problems about marketing myself and my products,
    April’s blog held the answers to many of my doubts.
    Oh, and did I mention?
    Her smile is contagious 🙂


  • I had been toying with the idea of making clothes patterns
    and selling the digital copies for quite awhile now.
    I know how to make clothes patterns on paper
    but was hesitant about how to turn them into digital copies
    (my patterns are BIG!) because of any tech issues
    that either I could encounter AND
    the potential future client may run into while downloading.
    April is sure to cover trouble-shooting! (Right, April? 😉


  • Marketing, marketing, marketing!
    (That may be the MAIN reason I haven’t created digital patterns already….)
    I can never seem to learn enough about this topic
    as my #1 issue is sales.
    I am imagining that April will touch on this also.


  • I watched April’s class on CreativeLive a few months ago on how to
    “Build a Successful Creative Blog”.  It was the first CreativeLive class
    I had watched and it did not disappoint!
    HERE is the link to that one.
    From what I’ve seen already as April as a qualified teacher,
    I know that this class will just as good, if not better!

Here’s a bit about what I’d love to sell:

clothes and accessories sewing patterns.

There are already so many out there on the internet

that I’d like to see how I could stand out from the crowd somehow.

As I develop my confidence on both my marketing and digital skills,
perhaps I could also develop an e-course on pattern-making and sewing tips.

Here’s just a tiny peek into what I’ve made in the past
(everything from the initial sketch, to the pattern, cutting, sewing, styling, and selling).

Wedding dresses, skirts, jackets, dresses, pants, shorts…..

If you can dream of your favorite outfit, I can make the pattern!

















Maybe 2015 will see the start of IV INDRE patterns?




What is the advantage of watching Create Digital Products that Sell While You Sleep live?

You can watch it for FREE!

For those of you who are interested but cannot make it, no problem.

You can download the course, for a fee, and have lifetime access for only $49.

(Be forewarned, if you are not familiar with Creative Live, the prices do go up in the future.)


What about YOU?

Have you always dreamed of creating a digital product?

Join me on Nov. 10 & 11 at April Bowles-Olin’s “Create Digital Products that Sell While You Sleep“!!!!!

Let me know in the comments below what you’d like to create digitally!

*This post is part of the Create Digital Products blog tour.
Just so you know, I am not making any money by talking about April and her Blacksburg Belle blog, nor about CreativeLive.
I sincerely love their content and just wanted to spread the news about these great web places for creatives.