Wanna feel like a million bucks?


I’ll never forget that moment I saw them after one of the trans-Atlantic flights I took.

The majority of us mortals had just endured 9 hours, 29 minutes, and 42 seconds

of flight time

in a magically shrinking plane seat,

plus an extra 5 hour and 44 minute stop-over lounging

in not-as-narrow-but-incredibly-hard-as-steel bench at the Brussels airport,

and boy, did we look the worse for wear afterwards.


Except for them, the couple ahead of me in line right now, as we were waiting to go through passport control.


I rather doubt the majority of us in that line we were feeling very human at that moment.


Rats in our hair,

stomping elephants in our mouths,

ants in our pants (OK, maybe not literally ants in our pants),

and body snatchers were invading our human bodies while standing in that very loooooong line,

waiting to get our passports stamped like good little sheep.


Darned passport control. Couldn’t we just be at our final destination already???


In the meantime, the couple ahead  of me were looking, oh, so elegant.

And calm.

And beautiful.

And relaxed.

And, and, and I don’t know what, but whatever it was, man, I decided right there and then that someday

I was going to look like that, too, after gracefully alighting from a jet plane.


It would help if I traveled in business class. Which this couple obviously did.


And had a million bucks. Like this couple seemed to have.



But it wasn’t a question of money. No. It was much more than that.

It was the je ne sais quoi way this couple looked.

How they looked summed up everything about them and their glorious lifestyle. They looked happy. That’s what it was. Not only did they look elegant and classy and rich but they looked like happy people. Nice, too. Really nice.


And how did this happy, elegant, classy, and rich couple look?

Let’s start with the hand luggage.

Mine consisted of an incredibly un-stylish diaper bag (did I mention I was traveling with a baby and a toddler, both of diaper-bearing age?), and an oh-so-chic vinyl gray carry-on with someone’s dumb publicity emblazoned on it.

Theirs consisted of lovingly worn vintage leather handbags in just the right shade of camel and just the right shape and size for their exotic contents. (I didn’t see what they had inside but it was certainly a tad more interesting and exotic than the Pampers in my bag, I’ll bethca that.)

He was wearing a hat. (Yes, a hat on a plane! And no, it wasn’t a Cubs baseball cap.)


It was a Panama hat. The real kind. You know what kind I mean? Not the kind that you can pick up at Walmart for $9.99. The kind you actually travel to Panama to get. The kind of Panama hat that lasts a lifetime.  The kind you can wear forever and ever, and never, ever gets frumpy. Ever.

And their clothes?

They were white!

No kidding.

(C’mon. Who wears white clothes on a plane? A plain white Tee, OK, maybe. I’ve dared to do that. But white from head to toe?)

OK, so it wasn’t really white. I’m exaggerating.

It was more the color of your great-grandma’s beloved pearl necklace. A shade of ivory. A shade of class.

And the fabric of these oh-so-white clothes?

It was NOT wash-and-wear-and-easy-care polyester.

Oh, no.

It was linen.

100% linen.

I can tell.

I can tell linen from a mile away. (Did I mention I went to fashion design school?)

“But linen wrinkles and looks like slept-in bed sheets after a short time!”, I can hear you gasp in horror.

Yes, my dear goddess, linen does do that.


That’s precisely why linen is so utterly beautiful and classy. It wrinkles. It wrinkles in style. Only linen can wrinkle like that and still be so heavenly gorgeous.

Maybe some people prefer wrinkle-free clothes. I can understand the convenience. Drive-in Taco Bell is also convenient.

But did you even know that polyester and many artificial fabrics are made of coal and petroleum and coal?

Do you enjoy wearing petroleum on your body?

(Not that I am a purist myself. My running shoes are made of petroleum, and are darn comfy, I may add. But I do try to avoid petroleum products as much as possible. I am not kidding.)


Back to the pearly white clothes.

Pants. They both wore pants. Both the man and the woman. I remember that.


The vision of this classy couple has been buried in my mind for so many years.

That must have taken place at least 18 summers ago!

No doubt the vision of that elegant couple had a big influence on me when I designed and made these linen pants.

I did’t even realize it until now, sitting here in the July heat, thinking back to many summers ago when I flew over the Atlantic with my diaper-clad infants to visit grandma and grandpa.


So my big question for today is:

How much would you pay to feel like a million dollars?

Wait. Change that.

The real question is:

How much would you pay to feel like a happy million dollars?

Would you spend $1,000,000 to feel like a million happy bucks?????

Did I hear you say no?

How about $500,000?



Still no?


Not sure? Maybe?

A measly $1000, perhaps?

Would you spend $1000 to feel happy and look like a million?

Still not sure?

What if you could feel classy, elegant, happy, and gorgeous?

For a mere $249??

Here they are.

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