Pants that fit you – EVERY TIME

Let’s face it.


Skinny jeans look good on about 2.999% of the world’s population.

(My 19-year-old daughter being one of the chosen few).


What about the rest of us?

Those of us who do not belong to the 2.999%?

(OK, OK, I admit… many of us DO love AND look good in skinny jeans!)


Those of us who have the health of a 30-year-old and the wisdom of a 300-year-old;

what kind of pants make us look good???


We’re the ones who make decisions.

We’re the ones who have the power.





We are the ones who wear pants that that reflect our hopes, dreams, and wishes.

We are the ones who wear pants that that show our style.



IvF-14 (1333x2000)


“These are gorgeous pants made with great care and beautifully styled. I can’t wait to wear them. Thank you so very very much. I love the style and it’s not an easy one to find!”



We are the ones who wear pants that look good if we wear size LARGE.

We are the ones who wear pants that look good if we wear size SMALL.

We are the ones who wear pants that look good if we wear size XX-LARGE.

We are the ones who wear pants that look good if we wear size WHATEVER.



Here’s what the French ladies (oh là là!) have to say:

“Je suis ravie de cette première commande, quel plaisir d’avoir un vêtement sur mesure, parfaitement coupé ! Très grand talent et professionnalisme de la créatrice, qui par ailleurs est tout à fait adorable … Un grand merci et à très vite pour une prochaine commmande.”

(“I am delighted with this first order, what a pleasure to have a customized garment, perfectly cut! Great talent and professionalism of the designer, who also is quite lovely … A big thank you and see you soon for a future order.”)


“J’ai reçu le pantalon, il est parfait et me va très bien.”

(“I received the pants, they are perfect and fit me very well.”)


“Très beau pantalon, très belle qualité, fait sur mesure. La livraison a été rapide. Je recommande. Une expérience très positive! “

(“Very nice pants, very good quality, custom made. The delivery was fast. I recommend this. A very positive experience!”)


“Je suis satisfaite de ce pantalon, belle finition merci”

(“I’m happy with these pants, nicely finished. thank you”)





high waist wide leg linen pants and matching cape

Go on, wear the pants. Make the decisions.

Believe in yourself, you lovely goddess.

Show the world your power with style!


Buy the pants that fit.