Any goddesses in the house?

Ever notice how you buy a red car and you then see that EVERYONE has a red car?


Or you are pregnant and all of a sudden every other woman you see has a belly bump?


After I decided to use the word GODDESS as part of my internet identity, I started to notice Goddesses all around me.

How could I resist the temptation to click/write/meet/connect to other virtual Goddesses?


I ran into the word Goddess on Kickstarter  quite by chance recently.

Here’s what it was:

The Goddess Project

It turned out to be two women traveling the US,  filming and interviewing women  from all walks of life.

In their words, The Goddess Project is a “feature-length documentary made by two girls who traveled 10,000 miles across America,
interviewing incredible everyday women about their paths to self-discovery.”

There was no question about donating to that project! Holli and Sara were fortunate to get their idea fully funded.

Because of my teeny donation, here’s what I got in the mail from them the other day:

The Goddess Project The Goddess Project The Goddess Project The Goddess Project


Take a look at Holli’s and Sara’s project.

The Goddess Project

I think you’ll like it!