Come visit me in Spain!

2013-06-13 21.25.28ok

Happy Birthday, US of A !


For those of my American friends reading this, I hope you are enjoying these 3 days of outdoor fun.

After indulging in

grilled zucchini + secret spicy sauce,

green onion + red skinned potato salad,

special brew beers,

and those crazy red-white-blue jello-O margarita shots,

maybe you’re wishing that this non-work weekend could last forever.


Maybe not.


Maybe you suffer from  an acute  case of of wanderlustitis

and wish that your whole life were a vacation.

Come visit me in Spain!


I’m not kidding!


I’ve made several good friends through  the internet. And TWO of them actually ventured beyond their comfort zone and made it out to my teeny weeny town in the middle of nowhere in southeast Spain.

(Caralee & Laura Z, here’s a winking at you!)

We had the best time, going for long walks by the sea and indulging in the best hot chili + rich dark chocolate ice cream that money can buy (around here, anyway). If you don’t believe me, ask them 😉


Since it might be awhile since you can make it all the way to my little corner of the world, I’ve decided to invite you into my studio.

OK, I’m sure you’d just prefer the beach but since you are my guest, you’ll have to put up with me while I show you some of the tiny things that have meaning in my daily life.

DSCF3732ok (455x500)

A little cabinet that I found abandoned out on the street in Madrid eons ago.

It was a boring brown so I painted it a snazzy black +white + red.

A couple of years ago I white-washed it,  adding grungy swirls.


DSCF3731 (500x344)

A closer look at what I keep on top of it:

+A triptych of mini art, entitled “Beauty & the Beast” , painted by my best friend Doreen.

+A heart shaped rock I found on the beach (no kidding!) that I decided to paint red. I use it as a paperweight.

+Another beach stone, this one painted with an all-seeing eye by my son when he was 8? 10?

+A trade-fair bowl I bought some years back. I loved the story behind it: Made by Nepalese women, using traditional basket-weaving techniques but made out of candy wrappers!


DSCF3734ok (416x500)

I decided to take off the boring old door knob and replaced it with a stone.

(I live next to nature: stones of all shapes and sizes are plentiful around here).

I drilled a hole in it & painted it red. And for the final touch, I added a red satin cord with beads as the pull so I could open it.


DSCF3735ok (500x375)

Inside you can see the snazzy way I had painted in  back in the ’80’s when I first found this.

My design  inspiration + ideas are stored here.


DSCF3736ok (500x408)

View of my studio. I dream up ideas & make jewelry here.

Nice windows with lots of sunshine. Yeah, I know!

I am lucky!

Hey, come visit!

Whaddya say?


Leave your comments (or your travel dates) below!