EL OOO VEE EEE spells….



Hello my dearest, loveliest goddess,


Words are inadequate to convey how I feel.

Right now.

And how I have been feeling for the past 5 months.

During the Winter of My Tears.

Today is different.

The sun is shining! It is warm! My tears are gone! (Momentarily, anyway.)

The Winter of My Tears has paved the way for the Spring of My Smiles.

(I know it isn’t spring yet, officially, but the weather has been so incredibly balmy this year where I live. Shrubs are budding, the buds are blooming, the birdies are chir-chirping. I’d love for you to be here and experience this warmth with me now.)

Brooding and philosophizing had taken up much of my time during The Winter of My Tears.
What conclusion have I come up with after all that thinking?

Here’s the little poem I wrote about it.
(Because who doesn’t enjoy a corny love poem on Valentine’s Day, right? 😉 )

Love is the Most.
Love is the Only.
Love is the Everything Answer.
Will you say Yes to Love?

Happy Valentine’s Day, my goddess!

Love to you today and everyday,

<3  Indre
P.S. I hope you are spending today immersed in love,
being in love with life,
doing what you love,
being in love with those around you.

How am I spending my day?
Doing what I love!
Embroidering in the sunlight.
And not hurrying to do the dishes after enjoying a leisurely breakfast
of home-made oatmeal with Spanish black walnuts,
dried cranberries, muscatel raisins and rice milk!

How about YOU?

How will you be spending the day?

Don’t be shy. Let me know your answer in the comment box below!