Thank you page



Hello My Goddess!

You are a beautiful and powerful goddess!

You DID know that, didn’t you?!?

(If not, now you do, you dearly loved and lovely goddess. )


As a Thank You for the joyless task

of entering your name and email into all the correct boxes,

you get 10% OFF your purchase at HelloMyGoddess.

(Did I hear a YAAYY!?)

Use the coupon code hellomygoddesslove during checkout.

Valid until summer solstice.

In other words: June 2o, 2016


Your inbox will feel magical and loved

when HelloMyGoddess emails arrive

(once in a bluish-purple moon)

about feel-good goddess stuff.

On particularly perfect days, you’ll get a really super duper cool email

about hot-off-the-studio-table one-of-a-kind irresistible beauties

to send shivers up and down your spine. And perhaps make you drool with desire.

(Thought I’d warn you.)



If you ever want to chat (now’s a good time!)

about goddess love and flying carpets,

drop me a line here:



Ok, my lovely honey goddess.

Ta-ta for now. Speak soon-ish!


Wishing you goddess power,


and an infinite supply of slurpy kisses,