Any goddesses in the house?

Ever notice how you buy a red car and you then see that EVERYONE has a red car?


Or you are pregnant and all of a sudden every other woman you see has a belly bump?


After I decided to use the word GODDESS as part of my internet identity, I started to notice Goddesses all around me.

How could I resist the temptation to click/write/meet/connect to other virtual Goddesses?


I ran into the word Goddess on Kickstarter  quite by chance recently.

Here’s what it was:

The Goddess Project

It turned out to be two women traveling the US,  filming and interviewing women  from all walks of life.

In their words, The Goddess Project is a “feature-length documentary made by two girls who traveled 10,000 miles across America,
interviewing incredible everyday women about their paths to self-discovery.”

There was no question about donating to that project! Holli and Sara were fortunate to get their idea fully funded.

Because of my teeny donation, here’s what I got in the mail from them the other day:

The Goddess Project The Goddess Project The Goddess Project The Goddess Project


Take a look at Holli’s and Sara’s project.

The Goddess Project

I think you’ll like it!


6 thoughts on “Any goddesses in the house?”

  1. What a fantastic project, thanks for sharing! I love the idea of calling yourself a goddess to recognise the goddesses around you, I might just do that too 😀

    1. Hello my goddess, Cara! Thanks for stopping by <3 Yes, the word goddess is extremely powerful. Go ahead and use it. I highly recommend it! (Google your choice first, before you choose to adopt it. There are so many variations of goddesses out there in web land and you won’t want to be a repeat of someone else’s name.)

  2. I likelike the goddess project. It’s like self discovery. I get it completely. For me it’s understood like if you surround yourself with positivity, everything around you will also become a world of positivity. And I like to surround with love. I would call the goddess project as the love project for me. That’s how I am discovering myself reading your post here. It’s really really great work that you posted. The Goddess Project. With love. May the goddess be alive in the world with love and follow every human soul.

    1. A road to self-discovery, yes! I love how you mention that if you choose to see positivism and love, then your world will also be positive and full of love. Well said! Thank you, Prabhatks, for stopping by <3

  3. I love the word Goddess and think all women should include themselves in this most powerful statement of self-identity. If we could all see ourselves as a Goddess we will finally know and feel our true power.

    Thanks for sharing.

    In Truth and Love,

    1. To tell the truth, I used to think that the word Goddess was corny, trite and over-used. Then I decided to change my mind set about it and realize what a POWERFUL concept it is! So, yes, as you say, let’s embrace the goddess in ourselves to feel our true power. Thanks, Rebecca, for stopping by <3

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