Ever jump for joy?

Linen Top HelloMyGoddess


Hello my lovely goddess!


You know what?


Some of you reading this are my friends.

Some are my relatives. (Hi, mom!)

But some of you are just names on my contact list. I can only guess who you are. (You are goddess, that I know, but other than that, I don’t know anything about you. Except your email address.)

I’d like to get acquainted so here’s an invitation for you to send me a “Why hello there!”.

You can send me your photos, send me letters, random notes, hey, even poetry!

(Leave a comment below or write me at indre@hellomygoddess.com  .)


I feel like I’ve got a monologue going here at my blog sometimes.

I wonder who you are, what bores you to tears, what you look like, or what your favorite flavor of ice cream is. (Artisan made dark chocolate with red hot chili peppers is my new fav BTW).


In the meantime, while I wait to hear from you, I took some photos of myself so you could see me better.

OK, I didn’t take the photos myself, as I actually had a professional photograph take them AND had a session of professional make-up.

Whoa, the make-up thing!

Have you ever had professional make-up done?

In my normal life, I am a nearly-no make-up sort of gal so this was a particularly special treat.

To have someone fuss over me so much while I relaxed in a chair with my eyes closed was even better than indulging in two scoops of my favorite ice cream. (Better for my hips anyway.) I told the make-up artist that I wanted a “no-make-up look” and she spent an entire 45 minutes to achieve that.  That’s 90 times longer than I usually spend on my face before going out. (That’s 30 seconds for those who don’t want to do the math).


And the photographer? He’s a professional photographer, now semi-retired, who used to shoot for fashion magazines back in the ’80’s.


Did I mention how lucky I am?


No wonder I couldn’t keep myself from jumping up and down while my photos were being taken!!!


Nothing like feeling like a spontaneous, joyful 6-year-old!



InB-20 (667x1000)

Linen Top HelloMyGoddess

Linen Top HelloMyGoddess

InB-21 (667x1000)

Linen Top HelloMyGoddess

InB-22 (667x1000)



Voilà, here I am, smiles and wrinkles, ripped stained jeans, and all.


Not a professional model but I’m sure having fun pretending to be one!


It’s only fair that I tell you a tiny bit about the clothes I choose to wear that day.


If you don’t my choices, I won’t be offended.

You don’t have to like everything I like.

I merely want to show how fun it is to tell your life story using clothes.

The jeans. Ah, the jeans. Ripped, stained, old. Dripping with history.
I bought them 2nd hand back in the mid ’70’s (no, I am not kidding) and put a few patches on them. Not that they had holes, it’s just that I liked decorating my jeans back then. I wore them constantly during my university days. After graduation,  I went off to live in chic Paris, Milan, and Madrid and did not bring them with me. (Not chic enough for the European cities during the ’80’s, in my opinion.) I re-discovered them in the 90’s when I moved to a tiny coastal town. They fit right into my lifestyle here under the sun and palm trees.
I get tons of stares, compliments, snide remarks, smiles, looks of disgust, you name it.
Ice-breaker? You bet!
And the best part? They STILL fit after 40 years. Yeah, I’m a lucky girl. (I said that already.)

The top?

Another one of my personal favorites.

I designed it, made the pattern, and sewed it  out of 100% linen.

I’ll make one for you, too! Just click HERE to see it in my etsy shop.



There’s also a red/black/beige version that looks beautiful on women with dark hair and/or dark skin.

Click  here to see it.


The necklace?

I’ve nicknamed it the Cleopatra necklace but since I’ve promised to name my necklaces with goddess names, it can’t be Cleopatra. (Unless I cheat).

I wanted to choose the name Isis, the Egyptian goddess of magic and life., only that ISIS now is, unfortunately, associated with the name of an Islamic extremist terrorist group.


Isis is such a beautiful goddess name.


I decided to name her Hathor instead.



Egyptian goddess necklace

Click on the photo to see this necklace in my shop.



Question time!

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

What do your favorite pair of jeans look like?

Should I re-name the necklace Isis?


And if you don’t want to answer any of the questions, no problem.

If nothing else, please say HI!



Love, laughter, and joyful jumps,



P.S. My shoes? Just a old pair of converse sneakers to help me JUMP for joy. 🙂



10 thoughts on “Ever jump for joy?”

  1. You almost made me jump for joy (except that my knees won’t obey me!) For two reasons—because, first of all, I enjoyed your comments and your ugly/beautiful jeans and also because I received a package this morning. Even before opening I cried from joy. Since I don’t know how to mail you the pictures, they will come separately. And, BTW my favorite ice cream is chocolate with pistachios.

  2. Oh how joyous indeed! You look stunning! And I love the story about the jeans. And I love the jeans. And the shirt. And the necklace

    You just look so naturally comfie. And beautiful. And tan.

    Yes, I agree you should not name the necklace Isis. Hathor is a lovely name. Very powerful. Is it Celtic?

    I love all kinds of ice cream. But anything with chocolate. Or lavender or rose. Coffee ice cream with warm brownie is my favorite dessert.

    1. I am speechless by all your compliments! So I’ll keep it as a short & simple THANK YOU!!!!
      (Never tired lavender nor rose ice cream. Doesn’t exist around here. Next time I see it somewhere, I’ll give it a try.)

      Hathor is an Egyptian goddess. I wanted to go with the Egyptian theme since the necklace has that look to it.

  3. Mami, you are gorgeous…inside and outside 🙂 I love the photos!

    My favorite ice-cream flavors: pistachio (like Mociute’s!), mint & choc, coffee, cookie…


  4. I love those jeans…even cuter in person 😉 And hey, have you reddened your hair? Beautiful!
    My favorite ice cream is ANYTHING as long as it involves a lllooonnng walk along the coast, under the palm trees with a cool breeze and a girlfriend. 🙂
    Keeping jumping!

    1. Hey, girl! Missing eating ice cream with you under the palm trees and feeling the cool sea breeze. Went to have my first ice cream of the year (alone) and it didn’t taste as good.

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