Bali Bag by Hello My Goddess
Bali Bag by Hello My Goddess
Bali Bag by Hello My Goddess
Bali Bag by Hello My Goddess (back detail)
Bali Bag by Hello My Goddess (inside zipper pocket)

Eat, Pray, and Love with this Bali Bag

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This ain't just any ol' bag.

This bags makes you, wait NO, it inspires you to dream of Bali and it's lush green rice paddies.

Ever been to Bali?


Didn't you just fall in loovee????? (Is it any wonder that Elizabeth Gilbert chose Bali as the LOVE portion of EAT, PRAY, LOVE?)

No? Never been to Bali? No prob! Bet it's on your bucket list, ammiright? After the pandemic is over, anyway...

So whether you've been or whether you're yet to go, 
this bag is for you, my lovely goddess!

This bag is BIG, gurl! It fits a ton of stuff. And yeah, that is a REAL live authentic painting in the front. A painting I picked up in Bali from an artisan. And yeah, in case you're wondering, the painting WILL wear out. Eventually. Not right away. Only after you've been giving the bag a ton of love <3. 

You know what else?
This bag does double-duty as a beautiful piece of artwork in your favorite room.
Hang it on the wall.
Or drape it casually over that boho-inspired woven wicker chair you have.  
It's sure to make friends with your cacti and your big-leaved montseras. :)

 Totally and absolutely and uniquely one-of-a-kind. Like you!

Approximate SIZE:

L 15-1/2" 

W 3"

H 17-1/2"

Strap drop 10"