My Dark Soul

found object jewelry

These are highly personal pieces that I RARELY show to others.

found object jewelry found object jewelry found object jewelry found object jewelry found object jewelry

These necklaces were made during a time of my life when I was both incredibly happy yet, inexplicably, also struggling with deep personal issues. I was in the midst of questioning society and its rigid rules; my disenchantment with the consumer culture; and the true meaning of money; all while trying to express myself as a female artisan living in the 21st century.

While questioning the meanings of “worthiness”,”value”, and “price”, I purposely chose to work with the following “worthless” bits and pieces that I found:

  • in nature (common pebbles, plant bits, twigs)
  • around the house (man-made things such as clothes pin parts, broken furniture bits, beads & bits from old broken jewelry, snaps from old clothes, old shoe polish, old tins of paint).

I also added a few things I bought (although spent next-to-nothing on): cotton string and cords of woven leather hand-made in Africa.

I assembled these necklaces while words such as “angels”, “goddesses”, “female consciousness”, “anima” were floating around my head.

I had decided to use a gray/silver/black palette so as to suggest oxidized sterling silver (which is far more “valuable” than the worth of my chosen materials).

At the time, I was also working on very brightly colored, more “commercially viable” necklaces, made with “valuable” semi-precious stones. Placed side by side, these dark pieces definitely looked like they had been created by a completely different artisan.

So there I had it: the “valuable” necklaces and the “worthless” necklaces. But the question remained if some of them were more important than others.

I still have no answer.

Perhaps I created the sombre dark souls of my brightly dressed sisters?

If you are an artisan/writer/designer, have you ever made two completely different pieces of your art in the same year?

I’d be interested to know! Please share in the comment section below!

4 thoughts on “My Dark Soul”

  1. I love your story behind these pieces! It makes me love them more.

    Value and worth are difficult for all of us artists to grapple with – probably because we put so much of ourselves in it. I know I have (and still do) struggle with this question.

    I’m a nature photographer so the closest I’ve come to having two different “pieces” is that I now teach besides just creating photos. It works for me.

    My inner rebel says go with both lines-even if they are different! It’s still from you. It might be that something extra that gives your jewelry another facet to love.

    1. Yeah, I didn’t really stop to think that probably most creatives struggle with the dilemma of “worth” and “value”. Thanks for stopping by, Erika <3 See you in the chat room at CL 🙂

  2. Oh wow! This post spoke to me so intensely. I also love seeing potential in things that others cannot and creating from seemingly worthless materials.

    I love how connected you are to your work. Well done! You have the gift of being a multi disciplinary artist. Maker and writer. It’s a real talent 🙂

    I’m really looking forward to reading more of your blog and following you.


    1. Hi, Sarah!
      Yep, we think along the same lines.
      I noticed both from your blog name and blog posts that you prefer to work with salvaged things, thus being able to create from “seemingly worthless materials”.
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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