You want to shine.

You want your outer appearance

to reflect your sacred inner beauty.


Only that your life is too hectic

at times to figure out all that clothes,

style, and shining goddess power stuff.


Don’t you wish The Great Style Goddess

could just magically appear at your doorstep

with the perfect outfit to make you look magical?


Did I hear you mumble YES under your breath?


I thought so!


My name is Indre and I'm here to make you feel like a radiant goddess.

Linen clothing for women by Hello My Goddess

















I strive to make goddesses (like you! and me! :D)
look good,
feel great,
and help Mother Nature,
all in one go. 

That's why I choose  linen, organic cotton, and vintage textiles when making Hello My Goddess clothing. 

Because we goddesses care about our choices and how they affect our well-being and that of our environment.


Hello My Goddess lifestyle clothing & accessories are designed with warm weather in mind.

Bali, Tulum, and Goa, here we come!

OK, just kidding...maybe you live in chilly Chicago but that doesn't mean you can't wear Hello My Goddess clothes in the spring, summer, and fall!

And what about that cruise you plan on going to around the Caribbean in the winter?

BTW, I get a ton of compliments (by strangers!) when I wear my Hello My Goddess clothes in the warm weather. Wouldn't YOU like to get a ton of compliments, too?! 


If you have any questions

about love,

about style,

about fit & sizes,

about goddesses,

or hey, even about flying carpets!

Don't be shy about writing me. Seriously!



Come see the sunshine, love, and magic I’ve created for you!

Click on the beautiful goddess below.


Random stuff about me:

I grew up in Chicago.

Lived in Paris.

Studied art, art history, and theater.

Spent a ton of time there people-watching and window shopping.

Moved to Madrid, Spain in the early 80s. To say that it was a vibrant city in the 80s is an understatement. I understand it's mellowed a bit now.

I started studying fashion design in Madrid.

I moved to  Milan, Italy to continue my fashion design studies. That is where I delved into the techniques of pattern-making and industrial clothing production.  

I worked for random clothing companies over the years in Milan, Madrid, and Chicago. (Nobody famous! though...except perhaps Project Runway contestant Kevin Johnn). 

Tired of big, dirty, chaotic cities, I then moved to sunny southern Spain, right on the Mediterranean, and ended up staying there for more than 20 years. I totally get what kind of clothing feels good (AND looks good!) when the temperatures reach 105ºF (or more!).

I opened a boutique there, in southern Spain, for 3 years where I sold indie artisan-made items together with my own designs. I loved that shop but had to close when the big financial crash of the 2000s affected us all.

Otherwise, I've been selling my jewelry and clothes off & on in artisan markets and boutiques in Chicago and in Spain since the early 1980s.

Hello My Goddess is my latest baby / project which I hope to stay with for maaaaannny years to come!