Little Goddess Big Angel Necklace
Little Goddess Big Angel Necklace

Sticks & Stones Statement Necklace

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You know who you are.

You stand out.
You do not look back.

You are *NOT* a follower of trends.

You have heard of the goddess Diana, haven't you?

This necklace is named after her.

Diana was multi-talented huntress goddess who lived in the forest.
She was true to herself and stuck to her ideals.
It is for that reason,
she was known as the virgin goddess;
true to her spirit, who knows if it was the same for her body.

Here is the little goddess battling her way through the concrete forest.
Perhaps just like you?

'This above all: to thine own self to be true."

Proudly wear this necklace I created,
knowing that with each sale I donate
and help the goddesses who are down on their luck.
(In other words, I donate to non-for-profit organizations that help abused women).

 The necklace part is about 22" necklace (56 cm.)
The little goddess / angel  measures about 10" ( 26 cm).

Please NOTE: this listing does NOT include the red beaded necklace!

Great as wall decor, when not wearing as a necklace!

I live by the sea and by the country.
I am a gatherer of sorts, collecting
sticks, pebbles, stones, plant pieces, and other tid-bits close to home.

I then proceed to paint, cut, sand, and otherwise manipulate my found objects
all until they come ALIVE!

BTW, this looks delicate but it is made to last.
Just don't get it wet, and it'll last for many years!

Photo by Rod Westwood.
Model Yara.
Courtesy of Navarro Pasarela.