Serendipity Strikes -or- The Return of the Great Goddess

There it was.

Sandwiched between
The Complete Bean Cookbook”
The History of Herbert Hoover: American Quaker
(how could I not see it?)
Return of the Great Goddess“.
OK, let’s back up a bit:
I don’t like gyms.
Spinning my way to the top of virtual Himalayan peaks
while boxed inside an indoor purgatory,
working up a stinky sweat while damaging
my lady bits, in unison with 49 other goddesses-in-making,
is not exactly my idea of a good time.
So the other day, I opted for taking a leisurely stroll
around my historically scenic neighborhood
as an excuse for not going to a gym.
(This activity also conveniently doubles
as my procrastination technique
when I should be working.
In the basement.
And on a sunny day, dammit.
How could I not be outside?)
As I was ambling past the neighbor’s little lending library
(those adorable miniature
wooden boxes on a stick in the ground,
vaguely reminiscent
of an old-fashioned-small-town-USA mailbox),
I was overtaken with
a very sudden urge
to pry open the little door
to see what books were hiding inside.
During previous procrastination escapades oops, I mean,
I’d found such riveting titles as
Stevenson: Speeches
by Adlai Stevenson,
The Klone and I 
by Danielle Steel,
the ever yawn-inducing
Advanced Organic Chemistry – Fourth Edition“.
Ah, yes, and how could I forget to mention the 472-page hard-bound copy
The History of Dairy Farming in Wausaukee“?
It’s not like I was expecting to discover anything promising this time around either.
But a voice said, “Open it!”
So I did.
I unclasped the no-nonsense hook,
there it was.
Squashed between
Herbert Hoover: American Quaker
The Complete Bean Cookbook
lay a pristine edition of

Return of the Great Goddess“.

You see,
I’d been putting off & putting off & putting off
doing it*. (*see below)
You know.
Life gets in the way and all that. (Right?)
So Ms. Serendipity stepped in.
She decided to act boldly.
She had a plan.
She got all dressed up real fancy that day,
adorning herself with autumnal reds, oranges, and yellows,
and, using her sixth sense powers,
beckoned me through the window to come out and play.
(I was in a dark basement, remember?
Ready to be easily distracted
by bright colors and sunshine!)
Ms. Serendipity  wasn’t very nice that day.
(Or so it seemed.)
To tell the truth, she was really quite the bully that day.
She crashed into me that day with all her weight,
twisted my arm (*ouch!*),
and practically broke my eardrums,
“Hey, goddess gurl, I’m warning you.
This is your Last Chance.
I’ve been scattering hints around for you for days on end,
in hopes that you’d “accidentally” find them.
I go and hide them in the prettiest of places,
and either you are blinder than the three blind mice
or you are choosing to ignore me on purpose.
I. Am. Fed. Up.
Today I’m gonna stick
this giant ol’ piece of serendipity right
in front of your nose,
and if you don’t see it,
then I think you are just plain stoopid!
Oh, and I don’t want to play with you ever again!
So there!”
(Did I just see her stick out her tongue at me?!)
But, as it turns out, I FOUND IT!
I found the book!
I found the clue that Ms. Serendipity laid out in front of me.
And I wasn’t even looking!
That’s got to be the work of Ms. Serendipity, dontcha think?
 A book named “The Return of the Great Goddess”!
The return of the great goddess strikes again!!!!
How could I NOT realize that this was
the sign from the universe
to tell me to keep blogging,
to continue with my goddess ideas,
to continue with my creative life?
How could I NOT write you,
barging into your life (um, inbox) all over again?!
Love always,
Indre a.k.a. the Gurl Goddess
P.S. Hey, my lovely goddess, hit the “reply” key, and say “hi”!
P.P.S. I swear this story is totally not fake.
P.P.P.S. Ms. Serendipity promised never to bully me ever again.
She didn’t mean to be mean, she just wanted me
to BELIEVE in her,
to BELIEVE in serendipity!
*pursuing my goddess-themed blog

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