The Light Within

Eons ago, in a life surrounded by anger and depression, I blamed other people and other circumstances for the way I felt.

Then one day *BANG*, I woke up and discovered that we have a choice, I have a choice, you have a choice: to be angry, to be sad, to be happy, to be content, regardless of the people and things around you in that moment.

This was pre-internet days when this kind of info was rather scarce. Amazon and it’s self-help books existed but I lived in a teeny town far, far away where shipping prices deterred any purchases.

It must have been the universe that whispered this knowledge in my ears, at a moment I was ready to hear it.

About the same time, I realized that the sun is always shining within ourselves. We are the sun, I am the sun, you are the sun. ALWAYS. It’s just that we sometimes don’t see the sun within: there are clouds in the way (depression); there’s a storm on the horizon (on-going drama& arguments with others; there’s smog from pollution (angry thoughts)….

Sometimes I forget that the sun is always shining within. And get angry, get sad, beat myself up…

Then when I set aside the time go out in nature, go to an art exhibit, listen to creative music, spend time with special friends: voilà, that sun comes out and shines.

The hard part is to realize that the sun is ALWAYS there, even without the art, music, nature, friendship.


Can you see the sun within?

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