What is your happy place?

What is your happy place?

Water and rainbows are my happy place

When you feel nervous, anxious, sad, or upset, what do you do to get out of the funk?

I think of water. I love water. I love looking at it, I loving bathing in it, diving in it, swimming in it, floating in it.

You’d never think I’m a Taurus! And the Chinese calendar claims I was born the year of the Ox. That’s double bull, guys goddesses!

Eons ago, I dreamt of designing swimsuits to go along with my love of water. I did make about half a dozen of them for personal wear. One looked like a sexy Bond girl outfit. Hahaha probably wouldn’t wear that nowadays (but, then again, why NOT?!) Too bad I never made photos of any of them. Oh, maybe I do have a photo of a couple of them but they are in old fashioned photo albums that I never bothered to digitize. I won’t bore you with photos of me in my 20s. Another day, my lovely goddesses!

Nowadays, I don't make “Hello My Goddess” swimsuits.

*boo hoo*.

Not to worry though. Got you covered!

With beautiful linen clothes to wear to the beach resorts!

Ibiza, Malta, Fuji anyone?!?!

Linen Pants and Linen Wrap Dress by HelloMyGoddess 667x1000

photo by Rod Westwood

María is wearing an ivory linen wrap jacket &

wide leg pants by Hello My Goddess.


photo of water above courtesy of Ilana Beer of Burst



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