You want to shine.

You want your outer appearance

to reflect your sacred inner beauty.


Only that your life is too hectic

at times to figure out all that clothes,

style, and shining goddess power stuff.


Don’t you wish The Great Style Goddess

could just magically appear at your doorstep

with the perfect outfit to make you look magical?


Did I hear you mumble YES under your breath?


I thought so!


My name is Indre and I'm here to make you feel like a radiant goddess.


Here are some random photos of me over the years, wearing the clothes I made:

Linen clothing for women by Hello My Goddess

















I strive to make goddesses (like you! and me! :D)
look good,
feel great,
and help Mother Nature,
all in one go. 

That's why I choose to work with linen, organic cotton, and vintage textiles.

Linen, organic cotton, and vintage textiles are among the best choices for clothes because they are environmentally friendly. 

I make the clothes myself, so the entire production process is clear to me. No slave laborers, no humans being exploited. I make the patterns, I cut, I sew,, I do it all!


Bali, Tulum, and Goa, here we come!

OK, just kidding...maybe you live in the windy and chilly city of Chicago but that doesn't mean you can't wear Hello My Goddess clothes in the spring, summer, and fall!

And what about that cruise you plan on going to around the Caribbean in the winter?

I get a ton of compliments (by strangers!) when I wear my Hello My Goddess clothes.  Even when I'm not in Maui nor in sunny southern Spain but in bustling, industrial downtown Chicago, I have been approached by cool ladies asking me where I got my outfit because they loved it!

That's me in downtown Chicago. I took a selfie (rare thing for me!) after a random stranger complimented me on my outfit. You can't see the whole outfit here but if you want it, it's this one: 

These pants I was wearing with that wrap jacket:


Wouldn't YOU like to get a ton of compliments, too?! 


Come see the sunshine, love, and magic I’ve created for you!

Click on the beautiful goddess below.

 Linen clothes by Hello My Goddess

If you have any questions

about love,

about style,

about fit & sizes,

about goddesses,

or hey, even about flying carpets!

Don't be shy about writing me. Seriously!





Other random stuff about me:

I grew up in Chicago.

Lived in Paris.

Studied art, art history, and theater there.

And people-watched and window-shopped.

Moved to Madrid, Spain in the early 80's. Man, was it ever a vibrant city back then! Bumping into Pedro Almodóvar and Antonio Banderas while out clubbing was a common occurrence. Of course, nobody knew how famous they'd all become! (Penelope Cruz was still in her early teens back then so, no, we didn't catch a glimpse of her.) I understand Madrid has mellowed a bit now yet cleaner and prettier than before and def worth a visit! (It was pretty grungy back in the 80's. Maybe that was part of the allure.)

I started studying fashion design in Madrid during that crazy, inspirational era.

Unfortunately, the schools were a bit lacking in professionalism, so I decided to move to Milan, Italy which was (and continues to be) a big hub for the fashion design industry. That's where I learned the ins and outs of pattern-making and industrial clothing production.  

I worked for random clothing companies over the years in Milan, Madrid, and Chicago. (Nobody famous though...except perhaps one Project Runway contestant. Ever heard of Kevin Johnn?). 

Tired of big, dirty, chaotic cities, I then moved to sunny southern Spain, right on the Mediterranean, and ended up staying there for more than 20 years. I totally get what kind of clothing feels good (AND looks good!) when the temperatures are HOT!

I opened a boutique there in the teeny idyllic resort town of Mojácar. I sold indie artisan-made items together with my own jewelry and clothes. I loved that cute little shop of mine but had to close after 3 short years after the big financial crash of the late 2000's.

I'd been selling my jewelry and clothes off & on in artisan markets and boutiques in Chicago and in Spain since the early 1980's.

Hello My Goddess is the name of my latest project.


Thanks for reading to the end! :)

You get a prize for that!


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