Pachamama & Peonies & Art

art by Nicole Dextras

As I frequently find myself huffing & puffing & getting all crazy angry about the political B.S. in the U.S. as of November of 2016, what helps me  b r e a t h e , relax, and feel HAPPY!HAPPY! is experiencing art.

(Disclaimer: The super duper big, big, BIGGER thing that makes me feel really alive and happy is actually Mother Nature: the Mediterranean salty sea with its eternal blue skies; the haunted medieval forests of the Michigan & Wisconsin; the lush and exotic Mayan jungle, the calm and mesmerizing fresh fallen snow in Chicago, surprisingly stunning multi-colored peony blooms in my mom's garden in the spring...)


But now I live in a big city where cement & asphalt & grey skies & exhaust fumes make up much of my daily life...*sigh*


So Art is my fix while Pachamama* is mostly absent in my life.


Sooooo, with that long intro, I want to share photos of art that made me smile & laugh & feel good because of the sheer craziness of such a simple (yet complex!) idea that ties together a few of my favorite things:

(cue Sound of Music "These Are a Few of My Faaaaavorite Thiiiiiings!" hahaha, I've just cursed your music selection for the next 24hrs.):


Nature & Creativity & Fashion & Vintage.
Bouquet by Nicole Dextras


(Vintage dresses... hmmm.. got plenty of those.... and ice cold weather..I certainly got plenty of THAT while living in Chicago! How come I didn't think of that?!?)



*Pachamama is a goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andes. She is also known as the earth/time mother. (copied form Wikipedia)


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