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Hello My Goddess

Goddess of Amber Necklace

Goddess of Amber Necklace

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I name all my jewelry pieces.

This one is named Jurate.
Hard to pronounce?
No prob.
Just call her Amber. 

Let me tell you a little about Jurate.

Tragic story? OMG yes!
Beautifully romantic?
You better believe it!!!

J U R A T E and K A S T Y T I S
is the name of the story.
Jurate is the goddess-mermaid.
She’s the one who fell in love
with Kastytis, a fisherman.
Their love story explains how amber came about.

Jurate was a the sea goddess.
She did not like the fisherman, Kastytis, who came daily
disturbing the peaceful waters of the Baltic Sea
and catching way  too many fish.

Since Jurate
loved all the sea creatures
with all her heart,
she set out to punish this mortal
who caught many of her friends in his fishing net.

As these things happen, Kastytis must have been either
a good-looker or a sweet-talker, or both,
because Jurate quickly fell madly in love with him,
despite it all.

Eventually, she invited  him home to her magnificent castle under the sea.
This abode of hers was an incredible palace constructed entirely of amber.

As in any good fairy tale, someone spied on them.
And did not like what he saw.

Who was this busybody?

None other than the all powerful thunder god Perkunas
(a Lithuanian version of the Greek god Zeus).

He witnessed the intense love affair
between the goddess and the mortal,
and this pissed him off completely.
In a burst of madness,
Perkunas (the nosy and all mighty god) killed Kastytis, the beautiful fisherman.

Do you want to guess what happened next?

No one agrees about how the story ended.

Want to invent your own ending?

Here are a few versions that exist already:

In one version, the god Perkunas struck
the amber castle with lightening,
shattering the fragile stone to a million bits.
This explains why amber chips are still found
in the Baltic Sea.
No one mentions what happened to either Jurate,  but it probably ain’t pretty.
I prefer Ending Number Two.
It is hopelessly romantic and really sad.
Reminds me of Romeo and Juliet.

In this version,
when nasty Perkunas’s thunder strikes the castle,
and Kastytis dies as a result,
Jurate cries her eyes out.

All her tears turn to amber.

The goddess Jurate never stops crying,
mourning the death of her beloved Kastytis
for all of eternity.

This is why during heavy storms in the Baltic Sea,
amber pieces are washed ashore.
For realzz.
(This last part  is not a story. Amber really does wash up on the shores of the Baltic Sea.)

This necklace has a HUGE chunk of antiuque amber smack dab in the middle.


My name is Indre and I am the creator of this one of a kind necklace.

Here’s what I used to make it:
♥A super duper antique chunk of Baltic amber. I fell in love with its beautiful milky honey color.
♥Red  coral
♥Orange coral
♥More amber bits of various colors and sizes
♥Sterling silver beads
♥Sterling silver clasp

Wear this.
Be beautiful.
Be strong.

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