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Hello My Goddess

Egyptian Goddess Necklace

Egyptian Goddess Necklace

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YOU are a goddess, honey!

That’s why this necklace has a goddess name:
so you’d never forget that YOU are a goddess!

This necklace is HATHOR.

Hathor was an Egyptian goddess with funny nick-names.

“Lady of the House of Jubilation”

“The One Who Fills the Sanctuary with Joy”

Don’t those sound like some
knick-knacks picked up during
a shopping spree in Chinatown?

HATHOR was actually
the Egyptian goddess of love,
of happiness,
of dance,
of martial arts,
of motherhood,
and of fertility.

Sounds like she had a lot on her plate!
(Sound familiar?)

Everybody loooooooooved Hathor
in ancient Egypt.
Ancient gossip says Hathor is
THE greatest of the great Mother Goddess!

Hey, that’s one big muttha’ of a goddess!

The Greeks said that Hathor and Aphrodite were basically one and the same goddess.
The Romans claimed that Hathor and Venus were one and the same.

Hathor = Aphrodite and Venus??!!!
How cool is that??!

Wear this necklace and feel like Aprodite AND Venus AND Hathor!

How long is this necklace?
I’ll spare you the details of inches and centimeters.
Please look at the photos and you’ll get the picture.
It is adjustable in length because of the long extension chain.

You can pair it with a casual Tshirt
you can wear it peeking out underneath the collar of a fancy button-up blouse.

I made this necklace using:
♥real turquoise,
♥leopard skin jasper,
♥lime green chalk turquoise
♥vintage enamel beads
♥sterling silver chain and clasp hand-made by moi

P.S. More cool info:
A temple dedicated to the goddess Hathor
was erected in 1200 B.C.
(Uhh, yep!!Can you even imagine?
That’s more than 3215 years ago!)
around the area where Egypt and Israel are today.

Turquoise was mined close to the same place.
That probably explains why Hathor
was also known as
the goddess of turquoise.

(Fun facts:
Turquoise is found in copper mines.
Copper is what people are really out to get.
The turquoise is only the secondary product during mining!
Pretty nice 2nd place winner, huh?)

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