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Hello My Goddess

Caftan made with Vintage Handwoven Cotton

Caftan made with Vintage Handwoven Cotton

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Hello My Goddess!

♥Show the world your power with style♥

The voyage of discovery
is not in seeking new landscapes
but in having new eyes.
---Marcel Proust

♥ Exquisitely handwoven (yes, no kidding!!!) 100% cotton.
This stunning piece was brought to me from Nepal.
It was woven on a hand loom, out of exquisite thin threads of cotton.

♥ The inner collar and sides have black 100% linen insets that I sewed in.

♥ It is slightly stiff when new but will soften nicely with age.

♥ I suggest you hand wash or machine wash gentle cycle.

♥ Hang to dry. Machine drying would not be a good idea.

♥ Iron (if you feel like it) while damp.

♥ Wait 'til you see this in person!!!

If you do not absolutely LOVE this 100%, you can return it for full refund!

The scarf is not included. It was just used as a prop for the photo shoot :)

The model, Yara, has 38 1/4" hips, just to give you an idea about size
but it can definitely fit someone with a bigger size!

See photos for more measurements.


REVIEW from the woman who bought the first caftan:

"Perfect.Shipped on time too.Wonderful craftsmanship" 5 stars

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