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Hello My Goddess

Odonate the Dragonfly Goddess Necklace

Odonate the Dragonfly Goddess Necklace

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The Dragonfly Goddess.

Her name is Odonate.

All my jewelry pieces are named after a goddess. After all, every woman is a goddess!

The DRAGONFLY was once a Dragon,
with mighty power and inner strength and beautiful shiny scales.
It could change its form with every whim while
lighting the darkness with its fiery breath.

One day the COYOTE tricked it while changing forms
and became the DRAGONFLY we now know and love.

When the DRAGONFLY enters our lives, it is time to step out of the darkness,
and bring out our inner shining light .
In Japan dragonflies are symbols of
courage, strength, and happiness.

Wear this,
be happy
and stay strong!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This necklace that I made is one of a kind.
vintage amber,
hill tribe silver,
African trade beads,
Czech glass beads,
sterling silver clasp,
glass donut.

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