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Hello My Goddess

Goddess Kali and the Coral Necklace

Goddess Kali and the Coral Necklace

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Hello My Goddess!

Here's KALI,
the necklace that will have you making quite a statement!

Kail is
the most powerful
(and friggin' frightening!) Goddess. Of. All. Time.


What can be more powerful than that?!

The thing you gotta understand is that new beginnings bring about the end of something else.
If you move, you can't be living int he new AND the old house at the same time, right?
If you get married, you're not going to be going out with your old ex, will you? (Ok, you could...but it probably wouldn't be the wisest idea....)

Don't you want to be a rockin' goddess of new beginnings???

Wear the necklace and feel like the powerful goddess that you are! :)

Wear it with a plain white Tee during the day or with an elegant black dress in the evening.

The necklace has an antique look,
maybe like something that you'd find in the museum display about exotic cultures.

Made with antique coral (no kidding!).
See those long dangly bits at the bottom of the necklace? They are from the '70s.
And see the huge round silver beads? They are vintage silver Indian beads that I snazzied up all fancy with sterling silver wire.

Adjustable length:
Measures 15-1/2" (39.5 cm) if you hook it at its shortest link.
and 19-1/2" (49.5 cm) at the longest,
plus any length in between.
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