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Hello My Goddess

Goddess of the Throne Necklace

Goddess of the Throne Necklace

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YOU are a goddess, honey!

That’s why this necklace has a goddess name:
so you’d never forget that YOU are a goddess!

Isis is the name of this necklace.

(Beautiful name. Do not get it confused with the ultra nasty terrorist group that has nothing to do with this goddess!)

Isis means Throne.

Sit on your throne and show the world your goddess power with style!!! <3

The queen goddess Isis was in charge of motherhood, life, and sorcery.
That’s why there are 3 semi-precious stones hanging on this necklace.

One for motherhood.
The second for life.
The third for sorcery.

Wear this necklace and YOU will be in charge!

I made this necklace with lots of love and care.
It is one-of-a-kind. Nobody in the whole universe will have a necklace like this except YOU!
(I can’t make another one even if I wanted to because some of the beads were a gift.
They are no longer available anywhere.)

I made this necklace using:
♥lava stone (the round black ones)
♥black oblong beads that were a gift so I do not know what they are. lava stone, perhaps?
♥vintage glass beads
♥sterling silver chain and clasp hand-made by moi

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