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Hello My Goddess

Organic Cotton T-shirt with Hand-Painted Leaf

Organic Cotton T-shirt with Hand-Painted Leaf

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This T-shirt
would be perfect for
any great earth goddess.

It is named after
the Earth Mother,
Goddess of the Ibo of Nigeria,
extremely popular goddess in
many parts of Africa.

I drew and painted using
my own natural-made dyes
together with some commercial
fabric paints.
Then I embroidered on small sea pebbles
which I gathered on the Mediterranean Sea coast
and tiny sequins.
Very labor intensive!

I recommend hand-washing
or if you can't be bothered,
at least on gentle cycle turned inside out.

Truly one-of-a kind T-shirt.

Fabric: soft 100% un-bleached organic cotton
Fits size small to medium

Comes gift wrapped.
Thanks for looking!

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