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Hello My Goddess

Mermaid Goddess Earrings

Mermaid Goddess Earrings

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Mermaid Goddess Earrings

Show the world your goddess power with style!

These earrings are named Nereid.
Nereid was a sea nymph; a beautiful, lovely inspiring mermaid.
She spent her days swimming around the ocean, combing her beautiful hair,
and making friends with the sea creatures.
You can see her dark blue-green ocean (in the turquoise).
You can see her luscious shiny lips (in the coral).
You can see her unusually lovely fish scale markings (in the silver disk).

Wear these and feel the power of the  beautiful sea goddess!

I made these using:
♥Pure silver (Thai Hill Tribe silver)
♥To get an idea about the size, please refer to the last 2 photos.

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