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Hello My Goddess

Warrior Goddess Leather Clutch #1

Warrior Goddess Leather Clutch #1

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This unique clutch is irregularly shaped
yet practical.
Minimal on the outside
yet with a *POP* of color on the inside.
I love contrasts.

Recently at a craft fair,
where I was displaying my handbags,
a woman exclaimed,
"Oh, it's springtime in a bag!!!"
Great description ;)

I love beauty and I also love practical things.
I specifically made this
so it would be an easy size to carry in your hand
and perfectly carry a phone, keys, and wallet.

Zipper closure.
The lining is brown rayon with a velvety look.
Several interior pockets hold your goodies.
One is roomy, closes with a zip, has bright yellow satin inside.
The other is rasberry fuschia satin,
a double pocket that could hold one or even two phones.

I made this unique clutch out of a vintage leather jacket.

Vintage leather is the very best eco option. Did you know? 

It's toxic free. 

Has NO petroleum in it. (Many other vegan leathers contain petroleum...)

Doesn't pollute Mother Earth.

because the vintage leather was saved form ending up in a garbage dump.

ONE of a KIND.

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